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    Slacker Rant

    You take softball way too serious. Guessing you got cut from your high school team?
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    3rd Round Playoffs call and protest question

    Seriously, you would have protested a 16 year old kid? That's the most pathetic thing i've ever read. Get better or quit playing.
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    Clueless teammate

    I get it now. You're mad because you're only good in Co-ed, so when someone says it sucks, you take offense because you think they're talking about you. It's alright though, some people are just better at hitting to girls instead of guys.
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    Utrip d ball switches to offensive ejection!!!!

    so you're whining about people whining? But pretty much you're saying that if someone hits 15-20 hrs a year that wants those 15-20 hrs to count and would rather play with his friends instead of playing with people he doesnt know that walk around like they're the greatest thing that god has...
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    pitchers...don't you hate it when:

    After reading your posts in this thread, I think it's safe to say that you've proved that you are in fact the douche.
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    here we go

    Holy *****. you sir, are a cry baby.
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    USSSA sliding

    it was a bang bang play, they hit when the catcher caught the ball. and the guy running tried to avoid it but really couldn't.
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    USSSA sliding

    This happened a few weeks ago... guy on 2nd, dude hits a ball in the gap, guy on second rounds third and is coming for home, the OF threw the ball home and the catcher has it and is blocking the plate maybe about a half ft up the line.... and the player didn't slide and they made contact Ump...
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    arguing with umpires

    yeah that's pretty stupid.
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    Batting averages

    Guess you're not familiar with irony? Sorry that your mommy and daddy didnt say i love you enough.
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    Batting averages

    You may be the dumbest mother fu*ker on this site. If you could hit as well as you say you could, resmondo would be paying you to play. take your bull**** nonsense somewhere else.
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    Co ED Horror Stories

    lololololololol "I also tend not to encourage drinking during the game, especially for people at hot positions" are you serious dude? lol 1. it's co-ed 2. it's softball 3. drinking should always be encouraged!
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    Which would you rather.

    so you think getting a hit is worse than getting an out? glad you're not on my team.
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    Intentional walking

    hahahaha you are a complete douche, please don't come back.
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    Help would be appreciated

    yeah i went and hit before a round robin last night, and i figured it out, I was still stepping toward right field on inside pitches. But I changed it before the round robin, and was definitely making a lot better contact by just stepping normal towards the pitcher. But thanks guys for the advice!
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    Would you be mad at your coach?

    sounds like you're just a whiny little *****.
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    Help would be appreciated

    Thanks fellas, i'll try to get a video next time i do bp.
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    Help would be appreciated

    thanks sir, who do you play with in cincy, that's where i live.