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    Future vs. CL22 for Utrip

    Hard to compare the three. As far as swing weight goes the CL is going to be closest. The futures barrel and handle have more flex.
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    Asa only B3....

    I have been crushing monster shots with the scx3 for years. How does it compare?
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz Easton S1 nr

    I have a scn16 27oz it's hot. nr
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    Anyone know how the S2 brigade is?

    A friend of mine got one in November. We put about 100swings on it and it felt great. Started to spiral web shortly after and was hot. It exploded after about 700 swings. Distance was comparable to my scx3, a little less buts lot less work. I ordered two.
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    any good reviews on the sp13b1?

    I have a 26oz and it feels like a 27oz. Bat feels more mid loaded than balanced. I have put around 200 swings on it and the thing is very stiff and distance seems short. Interestingly enough this easton has a ping sound kinda like the TPS Z's. I am not impressed with this bat at all. When...
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    Best stick for the new ASA ball .52 cor 300 Comp

    Z1000, not a chance!!! I heard all the hype and got my hands on one and was extremely disappointed with it's performance. I stuck to my Easton's and they as always continue to crush, hot, cold, mush balls, rocks, doesn't matter SCN/X3 is the ultimate weapon for ASA hands down. The difference...
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    Easton NSA

    SCN2 without a doubt, you can get your hands on one dirt cheap these days because of the USSSA reboot. These sticks are fire!!!!
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    For Sale/Trade a2000 1799

    Bump it up for a GTG member!!! This glove is in great condition.
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    For Sale 2 EST cryogentic+

    Lets get these sold for a GTG member