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  1. mychal

    New BJ Fulk Flex

    won't happen again in our lifetime... Halley's Comet ain't got nothin on me.
  2. mychal

    New BJ Fulk Flex

  3. mychal

    Only three months left....

    I'd bang strippers and do coke while wearing my softball jersey.
  4. mychal

    Bass Signs Two New Factory Guys

    Can't wait to see JH or Jose give their testimonial. I don't think either one of them will play with Steve's prison ministry. If they set foot in the prison, they might not be allowed to leave.
  5. mychal

    Coed Softball in the Houston area

    Closest leagues to her are probably Pearland, Friendswood, and BLD. Each one is probably a 20-30 minute drive depending on whether she lives closer to 288 or closer to Alvin. From the Alvin Walmart, Friendswood is probably 10 minutes away (north on 35, right on 528) but the least competitive...
  6. mychal

    Walks (BB)

    100% troofiness
  7. mychal

    Walks (BB)

    It's funny how when a team can't throw strikes, they get pissed about the other team taking walks. Then when it's their turn to hit they go to the dugout and immediately say "everybody watch a pitch - make them throw strikes too"... hypocrisy in full effect.
  8. mychal

    Pick this up today for 100 bucks

    were you saying that you bought it for 100 or that you're selling it for 100?
  9. mychal

    Anyone ever seen a black 585 Miken Maniac?

    agreed... you beat me by a few seconds.
  10. mychal

    Anyone ever seen a black 585 Miken Maniac?

    ultra... some idiot was trying to make an ASA bat and accidentally put 585 decals on it instead of 484 decals.
  11. mychal

    Shirtsandlogos Bat Bags

    Do you have a ballpark idea of how much the shipping runs?
  12. mychal

    Shirtsandlogos Bat Bags

    That removeable flap idea is great... just gotta wait until I can pick one up used and drop a 10 spot for new graphics :D.
  13. mychal

    bash brothers tour ?...will there be one ?

    They had a derby with a bunch of Major guys when they opened the park. If I remember correctly, Rusty B was one of them. I think the Derby was on Yankee, but it's been a long time so that may not be right.
  14. mychal


    bump for the hitnpeanus
  15. mychal

    Bass Homerun Showdown Jeff Hall vs. Canseco Video has arrived!

    Three things I learned from this video: 1) It's funny how Jose makes JH look small. Whatever he's taking, it's working. 2) I knew Bass had a horrible graphic designer. I didn't think anything could be worse than their bat graphics until I saw those horrible jackets. 3) If you're going to fly...
  16. mychal

    For Sale Deleted Raffle Thread

    Paypal has keywords that trigger account locks. Raffle is one of them -- so if anyone sent you a paypal with the word raffle in it, it'll get locked without anyone reporting it.
  17. mychal

    For Sale Deleted Raffle Thread

    I thought the raffles stopped because of a state law requiring a license (internet gambling). Get with Rojo, he might have an idea that could side-step the issue. He does fundraisers for board members all the time.
  18. mychal

    For Sale Hulk comic book

    My grandfather gave me a bunch of comics... they're sitting in boxes wrapped in plastic sleeves with backboards at my parents house. The only one that I know is worth decent money is Amazing Spiderman #3 (1963, first appearance of Dr. Octopus). The condition isn't great (cover loose at the...
  19. mychal

    For Sale Jerseys on hand ready to go....almost off season sale!!!

    No Bears? I need to get my hands on a Walter Payton 52 or 54.
  20. mychal

    Hydros now available

    $115... gotta pay Canseco somehow.