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  1. flyboy23

    draft day.....

    the went to susie or whatever her name is and she said she asked him about it and her differed to his agent \
  2. flyboy23

    draft day.....

    heres the video
  3. flyboy23

    For Sale Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4

    Interested in Ghosts for it?
  4. flyboy23

    looking to get 10 shirts done

    Alright so the bar that sponsors us just got bought out and the owner wants to do new jerseys. I am looking for 10-12 shirts. Probably gonna go full sub. Probably not gonna come up with our own design so will probably pick what you have. Looking for like a pink digi camo or maybe a bright...
  5. flyboy23

    For Sale Nike Dri Fit Golf Polos Size Large

    if you still have them friday i'll pick them up from you
  6. flyboy23

    Arlington,Texas LHB tour

    here you go
  7. flyboy23

    For Sale Looking to sell a few things, golf, bats and phones

    Make me some offers gotta move this stuff
  8. flyboy23

    For Sale Looking to sell a few things, golf, bats and phones

    Bump again. Make me some offers this stuff has gotta go
  9. flyboy23

    For Sale Looking to sell a few things, golf, bats and phones

    I have a few things that I need to get rid of. Times are a little tight and I could use the cash. All prices are shipped First is an Iphone 4s for Verizon. It's a white 16gb. The only things that are wrong is a little crack on the back and the power button sticks everyonce in a while...
  10. flyboy23

    For Sale Polarized Oakley Radar & Polarized Oakley Antix

    did you get my message about a trade
  11. flyboy23

    20th hole

    Thomas i picked mine up on wrx for 220 brand new. just keep your eye out. That thing is bad ass
  12. flyboy23

    20th hole

    i've got a ping I20 in 9.5 with a project x 6.0 in it if anyone is interested. Looking to get 150 for it or trade for a couple of Nike VR wedges
  13. flyboy23

    For Sale Nike Air Max Tailwind 6

    man i want these
  14. flyboy23

    20th hole

    won my first scramble over the weekend. Shot 60 as a team
  15. flyboy23

    20th hole

    so someone buy my sunglasses so i can buy his bag and keep him out of trouble
  16. flyboy23

    20th hole

    anyone interested in a white pair of oakley flak jackets with hard oakley case for 85 shipped. I want to buy honda's ping bag
  17. flyboy23

    20th hole

    anyone swing the nike covert driver? I have an Ping I20 now and I'm thinking about making a switch
  18. flyboy23

    LTB FRC Clothing

    I live right down the street from the Justin discount boot store. They have a whole store dedicated to FRC stuff. Send me a message of what you're looking for and I'll go get some prices for you