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  1. amaldo01

    LTB Reebok Melee EL Yellow and Grey

    I'm still in the market for one of these.
  2. amaldo01

    LTB Reebok Melee EL Yellow and Grey

    Looking for 27oz and 28oz. No cracks or rattles. Slight webbing is ok.
  3. amaldo01

    For Sale Demarini flipper og asa 2016

    I would agree. Don't think he was looking to take over the thread.
  4. amaldo01

    LTB Reebok Melee

  5. amaldo01

    LTB Reebok Melee

    Bump. Searching for best price possible.
  6. amaldo01

    LTB Reebok Melee

    27oz Endloaded Yellow and Grey Best price please.
  7. amaldo01

    Demarini sale SOLD/ TRADED

    Convo sent
  8. amaldo01

    Price Check 27 OG Easton Autism

    It would be for a teammate.
  9. amaldo01

    Price Check 27 OG Easton Autism

    I would buy if at $100.
  10. amaldo01

    LTB Easton scx3

    I have a 28oz SCN3 mint condition if interested? Text me at 917-805-4737.
  11. amaldo01

    For Trade 30oz White Steel and Ritch's Superior's x2

    Have a sale price on the ritchs?
  12. amaldo01

    LTB 2017 Worth EST Comp XL

    Pm sent. I have a 27oz available.
  13. amaldo01

    For Sale LTS Worth & Demarini

    Damn. Been looking for a 28oz XXL for a while and I missed it.
  14. amaldo01

    Outlaw League ASA bat

    I have a 28oz easton synergy flex scn3. Low hits on it. Text me for pics if interested 917-805-4737.
  15. amaldo01

    LTB Easton SP12SY100 OR SCN2/SCN3/SCX3

    I have a mint 28oz SCN3 flex if interested. Text me at 917-805-4737 for pics.
  16. amaldo01

    LTB Or LTTF ASA 28 or 30 oz Demarini or z3000

    Have a 28oz EL dual stamped OG z2000. Text me at 917 805 4737.
  17. amaldo01

    Need an OG Flipper

    I have a 28oz 2016 ASA flipper. Text me in interested. 917 805 4737
  18. amaldo01

    LTB 2017 Worth EST Balanced ASA

    I have a 28oz in mint condition.
  19. amaldo01

    Demarini B52

    $65 shipped.