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  1. Fro Joe

    11 or 12 in lineup

    I've never understood why league teams carry 12 or more guys just to cover travel, kids sports, etc. Carry 11 in case of injury during games, traffic, last minute work etc. Just use fill ins to maintain 11 when people let you know they can't come. Surely 11 guys that play softball will know...
  2. Fro Joe

    Da Cubs 2016

    One thing I've learned through life is if you have to tell people how tough you are, you aren't.
  3. Fro Joe

    MLB regular season thread

    Pablo is ready to bust out.
  4. Fro Joe

    Da Cubs 2016

    I'm a Cards fan and I LOVE Wrigley. Nothing quite like watching a game in the bleachers there.
  5. Fro Joe

    2016 DeMarini Flipper Aftermath USA BP

    Could you wear something se xier in your videos?
  6. Fro Joe

    44 400 TA'S > 53 600 Stadiums

    I agree. with this assessment. I got to hit TAs almost exclusively for a few years. They don't touch the distance you get with the Hot Maxes. I haven't hit them side by side, but I think they may be able to match or surpass Ultimate Evils. Granted 44/525s are harder on bats than a 53/600. Nobody...
  7. Fro Joe

    Miken triad and freak12

    427' to opposite field is really impressive especially with a bad knee and the wind blowing in. Have you considered trying out for the long haul bomber tour?
  8. Fro Joe

    Wendler 5/3/1 vs. Strong Lifts 5x5

    Have any of you done any Juggernaut programming? If so what did you think of it compared to other programs? I've been doing Cressey Programs, but I am looking to possibly do something geared more towards powerlifting. I don't play softball any longer so sports specific is really no longer needed.
  9. Fro Joe

    Wendler 5/3/1 vs. Strong Lifts 5x5

    Guess you like strength more than confused muscles.
  10. Fro Joe

    Wendler 5/3/1 vs. Strong Lifts 5x5

    Have you considered the new P90X?
  11. Fro Joe

    Quiet in here lately....

    I haven't seen that book, but I own Supple Leopard and I agree that the info and layout can be overwhelming.
  12. Fro Joe

    MLB hot stove

    Lunchpail Jackson now throws 97mph cutters. As great as guys like Mays and Ruth were they didn't have to face today's pitchers. Your argument that the sport is watered down conveniently leaves out the huge talent pool that the sport now draws from. You may be right. Guys like Pujols...
  13. Fro Joe

    MLB hot stove

    Besides the "never voting for anyone in that era" voter it's possible they knew he'd get in and wanted to use that spot on the ballot for someone that may have gotten bumped off. Eliminating guys that were no longer covering baseball was a good start, but they need to do more. Expand the ballot...
  14. Fro Joe

    576 foot shot at Liberty. Including light buster :)

    I've played there and it's 9,600K. Went there to do some downhill mountain biking. When we got a rainy day we went to the civic center and played the most exhausting game of racquetball ever. :o I walked outside for some fresh air and a team that was short asked me to play. We played on a...
  15. Fro Joe

    MLB hot stove

    I agree. I don't think he's going back to what he was before, but he was at an insane level last year. I just thought they could have spent some of that money on another elite pitcher. I don't think they are done. Somebody is probably gonna get traded for pitching.
  16. Fro Joe

    Basque Strongman Documentary

    Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.
  17. Fro Joe

    MLB hot stove

    Cubs got a very good player in Heyward, but I don't understand why they went after him with amount of good position players they have. If I were a Cubs fan I'd prefer my team to spend that kind of dough on a front line starter. They don't have a lot of pitching talent in the minors. Lester is...
  18. Fro Joe

    All BBJ wants for Christmas is his two front teeth...

    When I was playing I had dozens of league guys make small talk with me about tournament ball since they new I played it. Everyone of them has quickly lost interest when HR rules like inning ending outs, offensive ejection, or progressive runs was mentioned. I may have been born at night, but I...
  19. Fro Joe

    MLB hot stove

    Sure you could blame it on that, but the Puig rumors are nothing new. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's traded sometime this winter especially with the Dodgers really needing Greinke back.
  20. Fro Joe

    Dumb strategies

    I think the issue is guys take baseball strategy and apply it to softball. With 6 fewer outs to play with avoiding double plays is a bigger game changer in softball. Same goes for always taking a pitch. You watch the meatball then hope the bozo behind the plate doesn't call the next 13 footer a...