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  1. vettzz81

    For Sale 2013 aftermath $ 195

    I have a clean 28oz j3 I would trade for this
  2. vettzz81

    For Sale '13 Mercy and '15 Mercy

    Sold to me!!! Thanks again Caddy!!!
  3. vettzz81

    For Sale '13 Mercy and '15 Mercy

    I sent you a pm
  4. vettzz81

    Demarini Collections, Post Your Pics

    $$$lookslikemoney $$$
  5. vettzz81

    Demarini Collections, Post Your Pics

    Yes sir....every last one is a 27oz
  6. vettzz81

    For Sale day one xbox one with extra controller and 2k14

    I have a z+ n cash I would trade for this if interested
  7. vettzz81

    For Sale (2)27.5 z2000+ 4sale only

    (2)27.5 z2000+ Bal 4sale only 360 each or 700 for the pair both bats have about 300/400 hits. no webbing that I can see. no wobble or clicking no rattle tight endcap if interested and would like more pictures feel free to txt me at 920-905-4591 if there is anything im forgetting just...
  8. vettzz81

    For Sale/Trade Xbox One w/ Extras for your...

    Plz shoot me some picts plz pm or txt 920 905 4591
  9. vettzz81

    LTB Srv31

    I have a srv31 30oz I'm willing to part ways with.
  10. vettzz81

    price check (wanted275)

    Need a price check on a mint wanted275 27oz Maybe 20hits
  11. vettzz81

    For Sale Playstation 4 and more.

    Cluggy n cash??
  12. vettzz81

    For Sale ---27oz ST98---

    Them look awfully familiar
  13. vettzz81

    For Trade 27 oz. J3A

    U tossing in cach for the future 10/15hits with papers 2nd batch 26.5oz
  14. vettzz81

    For Trade DeMarini F4t4re

    I have a 1st batch spec boogeyman 27oz but need to bpit b4 I make any decisions
  15. vettzz81

    I will be hitting my b3, b4 and L4 today. Finally hit high 50s low 60s in Wisconsin
  16. vettzz81

    First hits on my SP14B3

    I have a niw 27oz b3 b4 and L4 that all need bp....I also have the z3000s asa bal n el and 2014 demarini juggy mercy n aftermath .. So anytime u , klu and chris wanna hit lmk....I would like to try em out since its getting nicer out.
  17. vettzz81

    First hits on my SP14B3

    Pretty and luckymatthews have a review on this bat and and they both love it. if I remember correctly it took a little over 200 hits to start opening up but they both thought it was better than last year's mercy
  18. vettzz81

    Can't wait
  19. vettzz81


    I have 3 and they all did within 100 hits and never really got worse. I have one with over 1000hits and still going strong