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  1. Dyingbreed

    For Trade bats for J3A

    I have a guy that might be interested in the SSR4 if you still have it.
  2. Dyingbreed

    LTB SRV3, SRV4, The one, Juggy

    A buddy of is looking around for a new bat. He wants to stick with Easton or Demarini 27-28oz and is looking for ASA only. Our league has not changed their standards yet so he is looking for pre 2012 bats. Shoot me some pics and prices and I will get back to you.
  3. Dyingbreed

    nsa legal balls

    It all depends on region. We were told last tourtament that we can't use balls with multiple layers anymore.
  4. Dyingbreed

    Dive/Slide instinct

    You have to know the guys next to you. Talk about situations he needs to know that you are gonna break on the ball and try to make the play. Nothing worse than if you miss it and no one is there to back you up. Alot of it is instinct, keep your eye on the ball and your natural reaction should...
  5. Dyingbreed

    2013 Eastons

    Thats what I was looking towards but there arent enough reviews on it yet to really trust em. Might just have to look at another SRV3 or 4.
  6. Dyingbreed

    2013 Eastons

    Yea I didn't know if they were having the same spiraling effect that I heard about with the UTRIP models.
  7. Dyingbreed

    2013 Eastons

    I currently have an SRV3 that might be close to its end and I am looking to buy a new 2013 bat for its back up just in case. So my question is which 2013 Easton is comparable to the SRV3 in the endload and stiffness?
  8. Dyingbreed

    Am I left handed? or are YOU??

    Ok I will bite. Natural Lefty, mom is lefty dad was righty. I used to be able to write, catch and throw left and right handed. This lasted until I was about 11 years old when I was made to pick a hand. I eat and write lefty now, everything else I do right handed. After a right shoulder...
  9. Dyingbreed

    Allen Iverson made 154mil during his he's broke

    I saw AI while I was playing 3 card poker at the MGM in Detroit. He had a table reserved with him and his boys and a stack of 100 dollar bills that was at least 4" high. After a while I was talking to the dealer about him and he said since he joined the Pistons he was a regular in there. He...
  10. Dyingbreed

    So is Eli > Peyton?

    Your taking one game out of how many? My point is that dam near every year the Colts would roll everybody until they came across the Patriots. Or they would meet up against a team that could keep up with them in the Playoffs.
  11. Dyingbreed

    So is Eli > Peyton?

    The Colts never really had a stellar defense. What made them look good was Peyton getting up by a ton then the opposing team becoming one dimensional. If everyone knows you have to pass the ball to catch up then its an open invite to balls deep into a QB. The Giants simply have a better...
  12. Dyingbreed

    LTB turtle beach

    I bought the X41's from a board bro a while ago. While they are overall nice the battery life is junk and the batteries don't sit in the headset right. While I don't mind replacing batteries the fact that they don't sit tight is a real annoyance.
  13. Dyingbreed

    For Sale Beats (not authentic)

    pm sent.................
  14. Dyingbreed

    Avoiding wrist strain when sliding.

    Then you can get thrown out for interference. I have slid like this since little league then I come down to SC play our first tourney game and get called out for interference.
  15. Dyingbreed

    LTB Legit copy of Microsoft office

    I have Office Home and Student 2007. It might have been installed on one PC but the licensing allows 3 PC's LMK.
  16. Dyingbreed

    For Sale/Trade 2nd Batch 28oz OG Freak

  17. Dyingbreed

    For Sale/Trade 2nd Batch 28oz OG Freak

    evening bump>>>>>>>>>>
  18. Dyingbreed

    Ever Play In An All Weekender?

    As a former Marine playing on OKI is like softball heaven. Back in 00' every weekend was a tourney and it was always Saturday and Sunday. During the week trying to nurse a thrown out arm just to play the following weekend. My Gunny would excuse me from PT during the week so that I could get...
  19. Dyingbreed

    Some Sad Waiver Options

    Jackson could be a good pick up after the GB game.
  20. Dyingbreed

    The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles thread...

    Reid needed to be gone years ago!! Any eagles fan will tell you his clock managment has always been horrible. He claimed to be a pass first offense when McNabb was there but but only had a #1 reciever for a year. I honestly think under a more conventional coach we might have won a superbowl...