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  1. LT44

    For Sale 52/300 Dudleys / Rocks / X100 ** SOLD **

    reggie44 is VGTG!
  2. LT44

    For Sale Fresh Coconuts ! Worth Super Blue Dots ** SOLD **

    I'll take them. PAYPAL on the way. Thanks.../W
  3. LT44

    Crack or No Crack?

    That's a crack. You have very limited swings remaining IMO.
  4. LT44

    GTG Another amazing deal with reggie44

    Another great deal with reggie44. He consistantly provides a fair deal with fast shipping and great communication.He is one of the best and always VGTG.
  5. LT44

    GTG Another super deal with reggie44

    Another super deal with reggie44. This guy is amazing. Always "top shelf" with products and communication. Fast delivery and extremely fair prices. VGTG!
  6. LT44

    For Sale X-Rocks w/ MCT 44/375 * SOLD *

    I'll take them! Let me know and I'll make payment. Thanks.../W
  7. LT44

    GTG Another reggie44 super deal

    Just completed a very smooth deal with reggie44. Everything went just super! He is VGTG
  8. LT44

    For Sale X-Rocks w/ MCT 44/375 *SOLD*

    PM sent. Thanks.../W
  9. LT44

    2021 Miken Big Cat

    I picked a a new 2021 Miken Big Cat and hit it last Sunday. Very impressed with the performance. Peeled the wrapper off and commenced to hit 6 of my first 10 balls out on a 315ft fence. After about 40 swings I put it away. I normally swing 28oz but this is a 27oz (actual wieght was 27.7 on my...
  10. LT44

    GTG Arthur Itis is VGTG!

    Just completed a very smooth deal with Arthur Itis and everything went just super. He is VGTG! Thanks again for the great deal!
  11. LT44

    GTG Seniorss is super!

    Just completed a super deal with Seniorss and everything went very smooth. This item was in outstanding condition, shipping was super fast, and he provided great communication. He is VGTG!
  12. LT44

    What are your gamer bats this year???

    I'm having fun with the Andy Purcell Genesis End Load. It's a USSSA bat but hits every bit as good as most SSUSA bats. I have 1500+ swings in 50 degree weather. It's crazy good and has a warranty.
  13. LT44

    2019 1 piece green Wicked

    Hope you're doing well my brother!
  14. LT44

    2019 1 piece green Wicked

    Yank is correct. I think the 2019 is a little bit stiffer, but the weighting and performance is the same. The 2018 is more durable based on my swing.
  15. LT44

    Knee Replacement

    I've had both a TKR (left knee, 2004) and 15 years later TKR Revision (Dec 2019). I have played 1000+ games on my knee. The key is complete recovery, and max range of motion. I am completely recovered and running again. I have not played since my revision but plan on playing 65's in November 2020.
  16. LT44

    Easton Blue 2018

    .5oz end load.
  17. LT44

    What do you swing in cold temps?

    Agree, any of the TPS models perform really well in the cold.
  18. LT44

    LC model bat

    Update.....Cracked the Larry Carter today. The bat lasted 325 swings and was fire hot. Keep in mind, I break them all!
  19. LT44

    LC model bat

    I hit the 2020 Demarini Larry Carter today. I picked up a 28oz that had 25 swings on it. I have not been a fan of the Demarini senior bat line. The LC came with a new Lizard grip which was jacked up so I took it off. I then weighed the bat which to my surprise can in at 28.7oz without a grip! BP...