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  1. SandyWH

    bat for 30 bucks..

    PT all day
  2. SandyWH

    Looking for leagues near Waxhaw, NC

    There's a league called Four Seasons that plays out that way. Some pretty good talent in that league.
  3. SandyWH

    2020 Z2000 EL (northern version)

    Z1000 repaint
  4. SandyWH

    Pure bats - reviews/customer service.

    I love my Pure Integritys. I game them and the OG Z-2000s. I've personally had nothing but problems dealing with their CS. Massive delays on orders (32 weeks on my alloy handle 2-piece) *just my experience* All of their bats outside of the Integrity are questionable as far as durability. Had a...
  5. SandyWH

    Grit Batpack vs anything else out there?

    The Grit back pack is awesome, but the shelves don't hold up well. But everything else will last.
  6. SandyWH

    Price Check 25 Onyx Ice mint

    That's what I've been seeing. but lots of sellers.
  7. SandyWH

    That's a Bold Strategy Cotton........

    Quarantine has given me time to do some shopping for bats looking at all the exclusives that have been coming out left and right. One thing that I have noticed is that there are sites out there that advertise bat shaving services that are now coming out with exclusive versions/models of bats. As...
  8. SandyWH

    If you could go back in time....

    A) Keep your legs and stay in the grass B) Stop volunteering to fill in at whatever position has a need. if you're "ok" everywhere, chances are high you won't be "good" anywhere C) Never ever ever ever decide to run a team that isn't fully sponsored, you'll end up broke D) you don't need to buy...
  9. SandyWH

    28oz Miken Freak HB

    I'm gonna give my search another week and then I'll probably hit u up.
  10. SandyWH

    28oz Miken Freak HB

    Looking for a 28oz Miken Freak HB. Looking to buy or have trade bait.
  11. SandyWH

    For Sale 27 EST Hybrid, 27 Pure Custom, 26 Combat ASA/USSSA

    Depends....they started the barcode thing back around June 2019. Bats before then didn't get a second barcode.
  12. SandyWH

    Wide softball shoes

    New Balance are about the only ones that "actually" come in wide sizes.
  13. SandyWH

    What is your game's Kryptonite?

    RFs that play way up. I have a pretty good backside judy, and I can even drive it over the heads of RFs if I need to. But I've been thrown out at first a couple times form guys posting up short to guard against it. So when I see a RF squeeze in on me I end up mentally closing off that per of...
  14. SandyWH

    LTB Shirts and Logos pants

    Best pants I've ever owned
  15. SandyWH

    USSSA/ISA bat compared to OG Flex

    Maybe a Pure Integrity or a Pure RAC2. One-Piece bats.
  16. SandyWH

    For Sale Rip-it Elite

    Its the FastPitch model
  17. SandyWH

    24oz Balanced Bat

    Think I've gotten her one. Got a 24oz USSSA FP Ghost.