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  1. Veritas

    LTB 12.75 under armour genuine pro navy

    Looking to buy this glove in this colorway, but in a 12.75” model.
  2. Veritas

    For Sale 26oz Miken Freak ASP2

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  3. Veritas

    For Sale Easton 12.75" Pillar Small Batch #33

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  4. Veritas

    For Sale Oakley radar ev

  5. Veritas

    For Sale Oakley radar ev

    Sold!!! good shape. White frame with orange O and fire lens. Also comes with an extra gold polarized lens. These are 100% authentic. Picked up a pair of Nike sunglasses for this upcoming season so don’t have a need for these. $75 shipped.
  6. Veritas

    Worth HotDots / Dudley HyCon Balls

    How much is shipping? Interested in a dozen or 2 of the $1 balls.
  7. Veritas

    For Sale Rawlings DCT SBF horween

    Sold to me!!
  8. Veritas

    Custom Wilson A2000 YP66

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  9. Veritas

    New glove pickup

    Had it for $285. Got it for a good bit less.
  10. Veritas

    Official Glove Ho Thread Part Duece

    My collection. Some are for sale.
  11. Veritas

    New glove pickup

    went into my local play it again sports and saw this one the shelf. Has never seen one in person before. Worked a good deal and had to grab it.
  12. Veritas

    Official 2018 Last AB Thread

    Ground out. Rocket off the bat torwards shortstop. Happen to put his glove down at the right time and got lucky.
  13. Veritas

    Looking for men’s league in Newport News/Yorktown/Hampton Virginia

    level doesn’t matter. Just looking to stay active.
  14. Veritas

    For Sale MIJ Under Armour 12.5

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  15. Veritas

    LTB Nike gloves

    I have a mvp select. 75 shipped.
  16. Veritas

    LTB Looking for a pitching Mask/helmet

    Amazon had a schutt one for $40. Ever other place was $100
  17. Veritas

    Do you still have the Marucci glove for sale?

    Do you still have the Marucci glove for sale?
  18. Veritas

    The Glove Lock

    I picked up a couple pairs of these. I really like them on my first base mitt.