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    break in time for L1.0

    FYI...The L2.0 aka "New" Wegman has the same kind of end loads as the L1.0...
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    break in time for L1.0

    I will chime in a little bit on the L1.0 aka "New" Helmer... First off the, bat is pretty hot out of the wrapper... had no problem swinging it out of of the wrapper in a game... Second, durability seems very solid... Has not got above 55 degrees here in Washington and have about 500+ swings on...
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    Buyer Beware, from the NSA Board

    I know a little about this... I know he (Shawn Han****), was making promises he couldnt keep... Offering bats that no longer are in stock at Worth... So yes, buyer beware... I would not recommend buying a bat from Shawn Han****...
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    Walk up music

    Here is a walk up song for ya... Ladies and Gentleman By Saliva
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    If it doesnt have a USSSA 2013 stamp on your bat... You CANNOT swing it in USSSA after 12/31/2012
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    $140 to spend. 30oz. ST100 or 27oz. SV100 ???

    That is a GREAT deal...
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    comp 100 salvo

    I have swung all bats mentioned...and I actually swing the Salvo better than the ST100...(I like end loads) I think the Salvo hangs with any of the bats mentioned... I dont know why it is less expensive... But if you like a very good end loaded bat, and a 12" barrel... The Salvo is the bat for...
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    Official 2012 SBFans Superdraft Thread

    Where is the draft party going to be at?
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    Scn18 or salvo comp100

    I swung the Salvo 100 last night for the first time... I am very impressed with this bat... I love the endload and the 12" barrel... Seemed to have pretty good pop for a bat out of the wrapper... I am looking forward to getting this bad boy broke in...
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    Anyone swing the U trip Salvo?

    I am just curious what to expect? Reviews from anyone? I love the end load... Just havent had time or ,decent weather to swing it...
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    2012 NW SBFans Superdraft - *Feedback Needed*

    Yea... We dont want to miss that "Great" Husky football team play... HAHA
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    Letter from ASA and the Flipper

    Exactly... It will pass the ASA test, but will not pass a compression test due to the design of the bat... That is why they dont have the utrip stamp on them...
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    No more Demarini/Famous

    I am Demarini at heart... but I have to swing Easton to be able to play with R and M... It is what it is... At least Easton is putting a very good product out this year...
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    No more Demarini/Famous

    Pretty much any conference team can pick up the players once the team is folded... they still have to meet certain classication though... Obviously a C conference team cant pick up more than one guy off of the A team that folded... All roster moves are approved or denied by Don Sr.
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    No more Demarini/Famous

    The lack of money wasnt an issue... Is what you should of said Aaron... Hope you are doing well bro...
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    Demarini SR1 Senior bat 34/26

    This years Serior bat is waaaay better... I have 200 swings on mine... Last years swung like a whiffle ball bat... IMO
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    2013 The One Senior

    I live in Washington state, and played a 40 and over tourney this past weekend... It was rainy and wet and I swung my 2013 Senior Demarini with no issues... Several guys on my team swung it as well... I probably have 200 cuts on my 30 oz and it is very hot... So I would say this bat is very...
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    Stadium first cuts

    I have had some that webbed up quick, and some that havent... I have only broke one of these, and it didnt have any webbing at all when it broke... So dont freak out over a little bit of webbing...
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    What he says X2!!! J2 and J3 are pretty much the same design... they had to tweek the J3 barrel to get it to meet 2013 standards... So J2 lovers... be excited!!!!
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    HR Derby Battle of the West (must see list)

    It is the Riverside Major... I think Larsen is hitting in this as well...