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  1. freak98guy

    Price Check 26oz Monsta DNA

    $350 - $400 depending on how bad a guy wants it. Buddy just sold his for $400 I think.
  2. freak98guy

    So, is this the new Lounge?

    On the plus side I have been awarded 4 trophies
  3. freak98guy

    So, is this the new Lounge?

    Notable members? #postCountsMatter #BlackLiveMatter
  4. freak98guy

    So, is this the new Lounge?

    What is this, ****ing facebook? **** outa here with the like button
  5. freak98guy

    Unwritten rules

    Don't hit at muscles unless he's wearing the mask and then specifically says that he's ready before you do it. Also don't hit it too hard for his liking or he will accidentally kill you in a brawl because we are all intimidated.
  6. freak98guy

    Purcell drilling Vitcak @ Windy City Major + Arguement

    Nobody is worried about you killing someone in a brawl tough guy. Get a mask, learn to field the position and STFU.
  7. freak98guy

    NBA playoffs

    Cavs in 6 .
  8. freak98guy

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    Transferable, yes as long as the original buyer purchases the warranty within 30 days of it shipping from their shop and then transfers said warranty into your name. Pros/cons - bat breaks at any point and Monsta is still in business, you get the new current model (Torch for a DNA, ect.). I...
  9. freak98guy

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    Bottom line is Monsta has made some very solid ASA bats (DNA, Torch & Bombardier) so the product itself is good. The customer service can be lacking and order status information should be taken with a grain of salt. If you're not a patient person or you need a bat within a week from ordering...
  10. freak98guy

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    From what I've seen over the last 6 months, Carl has a tendency to go haywire and it's pretty hard to know why sometimes. I think he honestly thought the bombardier would pass ASA certs with ease and it just didn't. Going back to my original post about how his dates get him in trouble, I think...
  11. freak98guy

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    LOL, I like how you attack me on this... Pretty sure I'm not promoting anyone or any entity. I actually agreed with the fact that Carl can be a douche. I'm stating my opinion on the whole Monsta situation much like others have. I have no dog in the fight here so I don't really care who buys...
  12. freak98guy

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    ^^^ They are closed today. I won't go out of my way to defend them as Carl does run his business in a way that rubs people the wrong way. But, alot of what you're hearing here and some of the other sites is either not true or things that are being exaggerated so you should take that stuff...
  13. freak98guy

    I cant stop watching this

    Like button. I remember teaching my daughter to hit and what a proud dad moment it was when she really caught on. She's a stud 13 year old now playing 14 U.
  14. freak98guy

    Recent bat compression notice from ASA

    New technology really geared toward the .52/300 ball. There are few that want a bat that will take 1000 + hits to break in when they can buy one that will be game ready in 100 swings or less. .52/300's just don't damage bats like .44/375's do, especially when temps dip below 60 degrees...
  15. freak98guy

    Some old stamp Eastons banned in ASA...

    This is clearly an attempt for a money grab. I don't have financial data to back this up but I'm guessing sales are down and they are doing this to help get back on track.
  16. freak98guy

    Insane Vs. DNA

    I'm going to go out on a limb here to say there is no ****ing chance this will happen... The Bombardier has been at the same status for several months "awaiting shipment from China". The Torch hasn't even reached that status yet and you think it'll be shipping out to customers in 3 weeks?
  17. freak98guy

    Insane Vs. DNA

    I disagree - Joker
  18. freak98guy

    Dumb strategies

    Depends on the hitter. Some guys are going to pull it regardless of the count. To you point tho, even on those guys, I'd come off the line a few steps further than I was with a 1-1 count.