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  1. johnnySoftball3

    For Sale PC glovesmith 12.25

    im interested pending price. pm sent John
  2. johnnySoftball3

    SBF 13" PRO1000 Reboot?

    I would be in for a black with tan leather labels for sure, this is my gamer and a I have a NWT still lol
  3. johnnySoftball3

    LTB Mizuno GZPIchiro51/GMP7/GMP70 RHT

    I got a gmp7 tan send me a message or text me at 4108086501 John
  4. johnnySoftball3

    LTB Wilson 13.5 a2000

    I have a a custom wilson a2000 no name its blue gray and orange mod trap used if your interested send me a message
  5. johnnySoftball3

    Nike shado elite j 12.50 black floating web

    Guys looking for just a web for this glove the old nike shade elites. anybody got one for sale? Thanks John
  6. johnnySoftball3

    Mizuno Pro Limited MZP Ichiro 51 vs GZP Ichiro 51

    Awesome piece would you consider selling? If so send me a text or message her 4108086501 John
  7. johnnySoftball3

    For Trade Horween Pro BH13

    Pm sent
  8. johnnySoftball3

    Mizuno Pro Limited MZP Ichiro 51 vs GZP Ichiro 51

    I would be interested in buying your Mizuno and I also have a used in good shape gmp7bk which is in black. I sent a message on here. lmk John
  9. johnnySoftball3

    Rawlings Date Codes

    Yeah for sure 83 only year they used hoh in model. Is it in good shape? If so send me a pm if your selling
  10. johnnySoftball3

    For Sale Rawlings Pro-100H Made In USA 12" Glove- Excellent Condition

    His glove is actually made in 1990 and horween shortbus
  11. johnnySoftball3

    Rawlings 435 (Markakis Glove)

    I have a 435 pro issue used, I will dm you
  12. johnnySoftball3

    LTB Rawlings PRO701

    I tried to sell him a pro6b but his buddy said no
  13. johnnySoftball3

    The best mallet?

    I love my nike mallet.....
  14. johnnySoftball3

    LTB A2000 H1

    I got one....
  15. johnnySoftball3

    SP 125 or Rawlings 12.5 patterns?

    Was thinking the same thing mike
  16. johnnySoftball3

    SP 125 or Rawlings 12.5 patterns?

    208 for the win. deep pocket...........
  17. johnnySoftball3

    LTB ASA Bat

    I have a miken freak 20th anniversary balanced 27oz with barcode I would sell for decent price pm if your interested I know you said 25,26 so lmk