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    40+ Ball in DFW?

    Check the NSA site... I know they had a 40+ division in Mesquite earlier in the year. There were about 3 40+ teams and they played pool games against 50+ teams. But as stated above, most tourney's are 50+.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    Early games Saturday... I may still be asleep. Obagain -- there are games early Sunday with championship games starting at 9:30 AM. Good Luck westtexas... hopefully we'll play you at 6:00 in winner's bracket.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    Westtexas what position will you be playing so I can say hi while I'm out there? I'll either be pitching or an infield spot... hitting a yellow demarini for our squad.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    I heard, that yes, it was going to be a two day event so we would be playing on Sunday.
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    NSA Snior Worlds in Arlington

    I'll be there in the 50's as well, merchants.
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    GTG Suitcase81056 is definitely GTG.

    Smooth trade, great communication... Don't hesitate to deal with him.
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    For Trade 28 oz. White Centenarian for Sr. DeMarini One

    Looking to trade my 28 oz. White Combat Centenarian for a Demarini One 2013 (yellow/lime green) in 26 or 27 oz. Centenarian has less than 10 games on it and I am looking for something in similar condition. I just haven't gotten used to the end load so want to try something new. When taking pics...
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    GTG Commanderjb very GTG

    Don't hesitate to deal with him, he went out of his way to make sure deal was great.
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    figured some of you senior guys may know this

    It is a Bombat Bear... I saw a couple of these on auction sites last week and the shape of the bat really stood out. I have never seen one or hit with one, but would worry about hitting it off the weird taper. There is one in the group of bats at the following...
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    Plano SPA... anyone coming in for this?

    Don't know how I missed you as that was the game I was watching also. Alan (PlanoPlayer here on SBF) had a great tourney from what I heard (25 for 28 and MVP).... Alan if you read this, you could have been on base more last night if you would just run out your hits:) Paul (LF for classics)...
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    Plano SPA... anyone coming in for this?

    Bob, I was only able to get out there for a little while Sunday morning. Watched Rick Smith team play finals of winner's bracket game and both teams were crushing the ball. Wind was blowing in on field #1 which is unusual but it didn't seem to affect these guys one bit as they were still...
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    Plano SPA... anyone coming in for this?

    I play at Heritage and will probably come out and watch a few games Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Anyone coming in for the event? Leave a team name and if I'm out there when you're playing I'll have someone to root for.
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    IcyHot Malfunction

    That's gonna hurt. I used icy hot and then replaced a contact lens...couldn't see and couldn't stop my eye from watering.
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    USSSA base dislodged... dead ball

    Situation last night occurred and really had no bearing on game, but I was curious about the call. This may be just a local rule? This was in a USSSA game. Runner coming into third and slides and in doing so knocks ball out the glove and ball then rolls into the dugout. The magnetic base...
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    Miken Ultra II. Call it out?

    If they can use any bat, why use the Ultra II...go with the grey Original Ultra.
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    knee pain

    I never had a lot of luck with gluc/condroitin, but I don't think I ever gave it enough time as it is supposed to take a while to have an effect and I wasn't patient enough. If after a couple of weeks and I'm not feeling any different then I pretty much think it isn't working. I use lots of...
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    LTB 33/24 Easton SCN7B

    I've got one that was going to hit Ebay tomorrow. I'll try and get some pics to you. I haven't looked at it in a while but I don't think there were any wobbles/clicks and I can't remember any hairline stress cracks at the connection.
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    Seniors, playing under the lights

    I prefer playing under the lights. It's about 10 degrees cooler than when the sun is up and when we have temps in the 100's for most of the summer it helps. I also normally play infield so don't think I am not as affected as outfielders are with the lights. However, that shiny thing that is...