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  1. hitman444

    Combats for sale

    What's still available???
  2. hitman444

    For Sale Easton Ronin x2

    Have a 27 oz asa only kirby. Great condition. That and the Ronin for 75 shipped.
  3. hitman444

    For Sale Easton Ronin x2

    Once piece still available... $50 shipped....
  4. hitman444

    For Sale Vinci BMB-0B

    For sale is a Tan Vinci BMB-OB 13". No issues. Used for maybe 4 seasons. Not fully broken in yet. Love it, just dont' play much anymore. $80 firm. Only attached one pic can send more if needed. ***********SOLD*******
  5. hitman444

    For Sale Easton Ronin x2

    Selling two Easton Ronins. One piece is a 26 Two piece is a 27. *** SOLD PENDING PAYMENT *** ONE PIECE STILL AVAILABLE.. Warranty return. 25 hits. NO issues.... $50 SHIPPED
  6. hitman444

    Easton Project 9

    Release date for the Project 9 ????
  7. hitman444

    For Sale SOLD ROGO Dual Stamp 27oz Gray and Green SOLD

    great stick here...
  8. hitman444

    Combat return question

    I have to send in 3. hope I get to pick from the new lineup!
  9. hitman444

    Combat return question

    Any new updates here? I need to send in a few Combats sometime soon..
  10. hitman444

    For Sale Few for sale

    Price drop. Each shipped Kirby 50 SV98 50 XL2 50
  11. hitman444

    For Sale 2016 Mercy

  12. hitman444

    For Sale 2016 Mercy

    Pm aint working. Hit me 4694874524 if interested.
  13. hitman444

    For Sale Few for sale

    Can't open my pms. . Hit me 4694874524 if interested.
  14. hitman444

    For Sale 2016 Mercy *** SOLD ***
  15. hitman444

    For Sale Few for sale

    Few for sale ***SOLD**** 26 SV98 game ready. Lots of webbing. $65. R/NR 28 XL2. 500 hits. One spiral. 65 R/NR 28 ASA kirby. 100 hits. R/NR. 65 26 Mercy. Webbing. Game ready. Rr from May 25 $115 26 Combat Anti Virus. 20 hits. R/r from Nov $50 27 Rogo. 50 hits.r/r from Nov $ 50 27.5 DB...
  16. hitman444

    LTB RPNS 36x36

    Lmk what's you gots....
  17. hitman444

    For Sale Pants, Jerseys, etc...

    Pants still avail?
  18. hitman444

    '15 Mercy vs '16 Mercy v '17 Mercy

    17 has an endload.
  19. hitman444

    27oz B4.0

    Marketed fer later