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  1. GrizcoN

    zulu balls in a single wall league

    Well we all know common sense of it but will the balls be dead after a few hits or will they last a whole game.
  2. GrizcoN

    zulu balls in a single wall league

    I forgot to mention they are 44 375's.
  3. GrizcoN

    zulu balls in a single wall league

    How well are these balls and what is the predicted out come of using them with single wall bats?
  4. GrizcoN

    looking for help single wall aluminum best bat

    I used an F4 last season and loved the bat. I hit consistently better with the bat and felt real comfortable with it.
  5. GrizcoN

    Throwing Shoulder!!

    Definitely go see a doctor like he said. I tendonopothy in my throwing shoulder which is tendonitis with microscopic tears in the bicep tendon. The tendon that crosses the front of your shoulder. It sucks. It still hurts but the dr said continue to play and do my exercises he prescribed 3-4 a week.
  6. GrizcoN

    How many mistakes are unacceptable?

    Exactly to the point.
  7. GrizcoN

    How many mistakes are unacceptable?

    I agree with not pulling someone if they make one error. The manager of my Wen league team did this to me two years ago because someone went deep on me (we play no fences all you can get). Then putting himself at lc and missed multiple flyballs hit to him. After the first two he missed I started...
  8. GrizcoN

    How many mistakes are unacceptable?

    Two errors a season for me in the outfield is average but all in one play...come on. If it is within range of a outfielder there is no reason not to field the ball cleanly. I don't have a good arm so I always hit the cut off. I did gun down two runners at home from rc in the same game once and...
  9. GrizcoN

    How many mistakes are unacceptable?

    I would say one every five games. Which is usually twice a season for league. Everyone has a bad day here or there. I single handly lost my teams last game last season with the only two errors all season. I felt like a complete d-bag for letting our team down by missing a bloop single that was...
  10. GrizcoN

    Are some people just predisposed to being injury prone?

    Im 28 with a shattered sesimoid bone in my left foot, gout in my right foot, gangliatic cysts in both my wrists, bicep tendonitis in my right throwing shoulder, and some weird feelings in both my elbows occasionally. I just man up and playball, snowboard, and work on heavy diesel equipment at...
  11. GrizcoN

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

    I couldn't stop laughing as I read that cl ad. Wow some people are waaaaaayyyyyyy out there.
  12. GrizcoN

    Using Nets in games???

    What's next are they going to use a pitching machine like they do once you graduate tee ball.
  13. GrizcoN

    Softball Stats software

    This gives spray charts, all percentages for hitting along with where you hit the ball the most. Its easy to use on your phone if your touch screen is big enough. Ill be using it this year for my Wen night league. The manager for Mondays still prefers the old book probably because he still has a...
  14. GrizcoN

    Infield Fly Rule

    It is what it is in that league. The umps we have are horrible and probably by far the worst you will ever see. One of the umps sometimes calls plays from the bench because she can't stand anymore. She weights around 300lbs. She also has an in with ld and we can't get rid of her. It sucks!
  15. GrizcoN

    Need answers Quick Fly Swa vs The One?

    I hit the fly swatter last Monday and liked the bat for a endload stick. Drilled balls average of 250-275. I usually hit line drives but the bat made my performace a lot better.
  16. GrizcoN

    Leagues/Parks that serve Beer.

    We have a sports plex that serves beer and food. Indoor cages, 5 or 6 fields along with a indoor field.
  17. GrizcoN

    I hate RAINOUTS

    I hear ya. Had my first game today ppd because the infield was a soggy marsh.
  18. GrizcoN

    Infield Fly Rule

    The way my leagues have always done it was if they call infield fly the ball is dead and all runners stay at the base they were on. It keeps it simple.
  19. GrizcoN

    We need a "Hot Girl in My Co-Ed League" -thread

    Does all the guys rotate at LF? That would be a good coach along with keeping the team moral up.
  20. GrizcoN

    Having trouble posting this in my sig correctly AndersonAnarchists -#XX -InsertScree NameHere

    Having trouble posting this in my sig correctly AndersonAnarchists -#XX -InsertScree NameHere