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  1. D-ROCK13


    Biggest thing that helped me was learning to relax my stance and hands before the swing. hold the bat loosely in the hands. drop pinky or overlap grip may help a little too, make sure weight starts on back foot and work on timing the lower half with the upper half properly and then explode into...
  2. D-ROCK13

    Strategy: Where & Why?

    Hit the cutoff, always. Better to hold the runner than to have a wild throw end up allowing them to advance further
  3. D-ROCK13

    anarchy 240 12 orange

    I agree, way better out of the wrapper than the anarchy 220s. a couple rounds bp and they're good to go
  4. D-ROCK13

    anarchy 240 12 orange

    160 or so now and it is really good. sweetspot is still on the smaller side but super rewarding when found, both with distance and sound. kind of rings your hands on miss hits once in awhile.
  5. D-ROCK13

    USSSA bat guidance

    I'd guess 100 to 120ish maybe. it hits great and sounds great but still stiff feeling compared to my easton 240s
  6. D-ROCK13

    est comp xxl 12.5"

    Thing just won't die. Paint flaking off, knob loose, handle flexy, still dropping bombs. Loves classic ms or .44s
  7. D-ROCK13

    23 Resmondo 12.5 motherload 26oz

    240 barrel feels great out of wrapper, good sized sweet spot and plenty of pop. probably 30 hits or so and already gamer worthy. endload is probably .5 to .75 I'd guess. swing a tad heavy. very nice so far
  8. D-ROCK13

    Official Last Bat 2023

    mens rec tourney g1 liner over 3b g2 liner over ss g3 pop up to rf coed lower tourney g1 backside single g2 backside single g3 fouled out down 3b line, scorcher
  9. D-ROCK13

    USSSA bat guidance

    Played a team last weekend that had 4 different anarchy 240s and they were all hitting long hrs and hard liners and sounded great. Need to get more swings on mine I guess .
  10. D-ROCK13

    Official Last Bat 2023

    played 10 games in a row last Saturday. can't remember each final hit but had several scorchers and deep balls. not hard with 44 400s at 27 degrees f 🤣
  11. D-ROCK13

    USSSA bat guidance

    I grabbed a 240 12" endloaded and it's pretty dang hot. it's a little stiffer barrel than my eastons but hits just as well
  12. D-ROCK13

    Good cleats

    new balance trails 4 life. only time I've had any issue with traction, was playing on a dirt infield, during a torrential downpour. Sometimes grass or mud will build up when it's wet out too
  13. D-ROCK13

    Kapow 12 super mule load 240 26.5oz

    put another 40 or so on it, really good. perfect weighting and feel with all balls and good sound too. not too much to complain about so far. no flex or wobble and paint looks new
  14. D-ROCK13

    2021 Fab 4 mule load

    I'm enjoying the kapow super mule load 240 alot
  15. D-ROCK13

    2021 Fab 4 mule load

    had to send it in for warranty. barrel was very good, but the handle became so wobbly it was scary. hits any where off the sweet spot stung worse than an old single wall. hopefully I get a decent 240 stamp back
  16. D-ROCK13

    Happy New Year - Are you playing this year?

    Playing on 1 mens and 2 coed league teams, 3 different nights I think, plus weekend tournaments. Funny how I turned 40 and started playing twice as much lol
  17. D-ROCK13

    Kapow 12 super mule load 240 26.5oz

    Unfortunately no, don't test here for league or the unsanctioned tourneys I play in. By feeling I'd guess it tested under 250 from the start, super soft and hardly any different than my 220 og fireflex eastons. I was surprised how good it felt considering its a 240, the other 240s I've swung all...
  18. D-ROCK13

    Kapow 12 super mule load 240 26.5oz

    Put about 40 hits with classic ms and pro ms and a few 52s. Feel great straight out of the wrapper. 12 inch barrel and super mule load, id guess an ounce or so. Barrel doesnt start out stiff like other 240s ive swung (anarchy). Almost identical to the fab 4 Clark 220 except the handle is much...
  19. D-ROCK13

    Opinions on Anarchy's newer bats...

    thr 240s are good, a little stiff compared to worth or eastons but hit well. only got 50 or so on my 240 12 so can't speak on durability or testing. the 220s were very durable though
  20. D-ROCK13

    Official Last Bat 2022

    -35 degree wind chill and 40mph gusts and blowing snow, when did I move to Alaska? Wonder how long a bat would last today against gold dots? 🤔