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    Middleton WI Snowball Tourney Jan. 17-18

    Depends on the ump. One game I was throwing at least 17 feet up every pitch, next game a different ump called them balls so I had to pitch lower.
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    For Sale Jerseys, Pants,Turfs

    Pm sent...
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    Interest Chreck: Demarini new bat demo this friday/saturday in Fon Du Lac / Appleton

    That's in my neck of the woods so I might be interested.
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    Middleton (WI) snowball tourney

    Good idea.
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    Middleton (WI) snowball tourney

    Disappointing loss but I had fun playing in this. Definitely need to do this again.
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    Middleton (WI) snowball tourney

    If I can keep getting away with throwing 15+ feet up we will be. Ha.
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    Middleton (WI) snowball tourney

    Hell if the mat is that big then I'll pitch. Otherwise I'm an OF.
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    Middleton (WI) snowball tourney

    I can pitch if needed.
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    For Sale/Trade Sud and Full Dye jerseys

    I'll take the L #24 if you still got it.
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    For Sale XL Boombah Jersey Sub Dye

    Pm sent...
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    For Sale/Trade Sud and Full Dye jerseys

    If the XL #3 is still available I'll take it.
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    For Sale Few jerseys and a pair of pants for sale

    Are the jerseys 30 each or 30 for the both of them?
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    looking to play in tourneys janesville/beloit area

    Vouch He can definitely hack it.
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    Beaver Dam, WI tourney July 20-22

    Free agent outfielder here if anybody's looking for one...
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    Omro, WI -- June 1-3, Lucky's Tourney

    Free agent outfielder...
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    Willie Beamons tourny May 4th-6th.....

    Free agent outfielder...
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    WSC Opener Sturtevant WI April 7th

    This was my first full tourney...I had fun and thought it was well-run. Can't wait to play in more this summer.