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    Post the link or it didn't snappen.
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    Increasing throwing speed

    Something else worth trying over the winter might be the towel drill. You could do this to develop whip over the winter. The great thing about this is that you could do it indoors.
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    Should ump declare a dropped ball?

    You said the ump declared out. Should have been out then.
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    Increasing throwing speed

    Best things you can do is long toss and work on flexility. Ease into it and work your way up gradually. The thing people lose or never have is flexibility in the rotator. instead of weighted balls I would even consider lighter balls to get your form and range of motion down and decrease risk...
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    Things that drive you crazy

    Sort of serious. Certain times of the year they get bad around here. Annoying. If I raise my glove above my head, they all go to the highest point. Dryer sheets work on mosquitos too? I will try that.
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    Hitting up the Middle

    You should be able to snap it, then stare him down. Then turn to the OF and say "2 down *****!"
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    Old white balls

    Since Trump has been president, old white balls have fallen in popularity.
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    Things that drive you crazy

    gnats. probably the thing that irritated me most about playing ball was that big ball of gnats that followed me.
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    Hitting up the Middle

    I propose that we use standard issue pitching gear to make the game safe again.
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    2017 predictions

    Thought Steelers were booed too. No? Not a Trump fan but the coverage of this sucks. Don't **** with NFL money machine is the real message.
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    Golovkin - Alvarez to fight in the fall

    It's because she was white.
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    Is throwing overhand just an illegal pitch?

    OP's question got what it deserved. Ridicule.
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    Numbness in hand when swinging

    That can be really serious. Consult with a Neurologist. You could get permanent nerve damage if you ignore it. I am speaking from experience.
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    Off Balance Swing

    I think that set up could alter your swing plane and mess up your swing because you may be swinging to miss the bucket. That said, it would be much better to have a setup that you could change heights. I like your innovation though.
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    Is throwing overhand just an illegal pitch?

    If you are the catcher, then I say do it! Good luck with those foul tips. Seriously dude. You sincerely asked this? If so, you are what is wrong with softball.
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    Are there any "anti-Home Run" Balls?

    OK-- Jr high joke but it's the best I got.
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    Are there any "anti-Home Run" Balls?

    I know some guys who always hit long fly outs. You could say they have anti home run balls.
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    Mayweather - McGregor

    here is the shot. I think May is hurt.
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    Mayweather - McGregor

    Mcgregor's punches are exceptionally short, granted. He trades power for accuracy and a quicker punch that is hard to read. He aims for chin and not face. However, I do think that strategy works with 4 ounce gloves, maybe not 8 ounce. I would agree that May was never seriously hurt except...