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    LTB 13 inch White Glove...

    Right hand throw. Nothing too expensive. Someone help me out.
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    What is everyone swinging for 16"

    Hit a lot of homeruns back in the mid 80's with it. Now I swing a 26!
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    What is everyone swinging for 16"

    Hit me up whenever you want it.
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    What is everyone swinging for 16"

    I have a 38oz Easton Black Magic you can use.
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    Asa Ghost

    Has anyone hit 52/300's with this?
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    LTB 26.5 ASA Helmer Flex...

    Looking for a lightly used 26.5oz ASA Helmer Flex.
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    SSUSA Tourney - Pool Play

    Look forward to meeting you. Im #25. Not sure what position I will be playing. 1st, 3rd, C or EH.
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    SSUSA Tourney - Pool Play

    You must be playing in Lansing this coming weekend. I will be there with Big Ten/ Warner Roofing. I've found that between giving up runs and using the lower home run limits the games are pretty competitive.
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    Rock River Rumble 2016: Janesville, WI

    Interested in playing if anyone needs a guy.
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    Dudley Lightning 2.0...

    Anybody know when these are coming out?
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    LTB Dudley Lightning...

    Looking for a 26oz Balanced. Well broken in would be great but it doesn't matter as long as its in good condition.
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    For Sale/Trade Bats...

    Somebody here wants the Combat.
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    For Sale/Trade Bats...

    Nightmare sold pending payment.
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    For Sale/Trade Bats...

    Sent a pm but your inbox is full.
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    For Sale/Trade Bats...

    Dudley is sold.
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    For Sale/Trade Bats...

    1. Combat Dirty Reload 26.5oz. 100-150 swings. Small scrape mark across the D. $60 delivered. 2. A.D. Starr Nightmare 27oz. 500-600 swings. Light webbing. $70 delivered. SOLD! 3. Reebok- SOLD. 4. Dudley Lightning 26oz 12 inch endload. 500 swings. Light webbing. $100 delivered. SOLD! $220...
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    Las Vegas - SSUSA - 4/25/2015

    50 Major. Big Ten/warner Roofing.
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    WTB Dudley Lightning...

    Blew mine up in Lansing last weekend. Looking for a 26oz 13in endload or a 27oz 12in endload. Something broken in would be great.
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    1. Venom 2. Cartel 3. Comatose