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    Adidas Ruckus 12 EL USSSA

    300 hundred swings before a crack is pretty damn good anymore.
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    ball go "phhhhhewwwww!!" 19 nautalai el

    Very unimpressed with it. Never really opened up,cracked within 130 swings,and thought the 26.5 was extremely light
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    Does Easton have anything that lasts more than 80 swings before it won’t pass compression?
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    2019 Utrip DeMarini's

    Does anyone know when the Baker and Denny Crines bats are coming out?
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    Are the 2019 holding up any better than the 18’s? Had to go away from Easton since they were on lasting less than 50 swings. I’m hoping they fixed the durability issues.
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    Black ops spectre

    Is Demarini ever going to learn that Velcro shelves don’t work?
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    Bryson Baker 2018

    Had a 26 pretty balanced had a little in the end. Tested 275 in wrapper and after 25 swings tested 220 on 3 sides.
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    I just hope they last more 25 swings like the 2018’s
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    Well it’s that time of the year again. Has anyone heard or seen of any new bats coming?
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    Bat testing

    Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen if you take the bat and destroy it if it doesn’t have a warranty?
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    Bat testing

    I play with Mint in Illinois
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    Bat testing

    Had this years baker 25 swings and it tested 220.
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    Bat testing

    I’m from Illinois and we bat tested before every usssa and Gsl tournament. We went to Columbus,Ohio for worlds I was talking to a few teams from other states and asked how often they get tested they looked at me and laughed. There response was we have never been tested ever. Is Illinois the only...
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    Fire Flex 2.0

    40-60% more would mean about 40 swings before not passing. Hitting a 52 is not the answer either those balls are dangerous. Weird hops weird spin off the bat. 52’s are the reason there isn’t any NSA anywhere
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    Easton Support is terrible

    Well it only took 2.5 months to get my return back. Probably never going back to Easton after being lied to soon many times.
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    Giving up on Easton

    I guess you really don’t pay attention then do you.
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    Giving up on Easton

    I was originally told I was getting last years Helmers
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    Giving up on Easton

    They don’t have anything. It’s been almost 3 months. I had a vet I should get the same in return.
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    Giving up on Easton

    They offered me a fireflex or the balanced fireflex that’s it. After I get it I’m selling it. Easton’s are complete junk. I thought combats were the worst for durability but Easton passed that easily.
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    Giving up on Easton

    They just don’t have any bats in stock to give as returns. If I’m only got to get 1-2 tournaments out of a bat I won’t be able to afford to buy 2 bats a month. I like playing and taking BP luckily I’ve got an old asp Easton for league and the cold. Just debating on what bat company to try next.