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  1. z00ted 85

    Not pulling the ball often enough

    Huge difference! I still suck but I've been able to pull the ball with heat rather than the lazy fly balls from before. Thanks Swing!
  2. z00ted 85

    Not pulling the ball often enough

    Whoa, this is awesome. I think this may be my problem. I went from being able to hit every line to line with authority to lazy pop ups to left and only heat when i go straight right field. My teammates are at a loss too. Thanks Swing, I'm gonna try this out and see if there is a difference.
  3. z00ted 85

    Wood Evil bat price

    Right on. I will keep an eye out. Thank you sir.
  4. z00ted 85

    Wood Evil bat price

    Followed the link but received a page not found message. Are either the whites or the cautions due soon?
  5. z00ted 85

    Pitching Helmets

    Nothing direct off a bat. I've been hit twice by batted balls that took a crazy hop. a scuff mark just above the right eyebrow and then the second one hit the mask part with no visible evidence of mask being hit. Helmet stayed on my head just shifted a little like my catchers masks used to when...
  6. z00ted 85

    So.Cal Free Agent List

    Looking for 2 guys for a MLS tournament at Hart park in Orange. Saturday 8/12/17. Pay to play. Need a 1B/C/EH and a OF. If you can pitch too that's always a plus. hit me up. Gracias!
  7. z00ted 85

    Price Check Orange Derby Boys

    Ive got a 26oz Easton L4 id trade for it. The Helmer is returnable with both barcodes, no receipt though.
  8. z00ted 85

    OG Flipper or Mercy?

    What new line Demarini carries the most resale or trade value? Lets say I win a choice of any new Demar but I know i'm going to move the bat. What would be my best option?
  9. z00ted 85

    Anybody ever blue a GnR to batting gloves?

    I've done green way more than 1 time.
  10. z00ted 85

    Anybody ever blue a GnR to batting gloves?

    i concur, yes. :thumb::D
  11. z00ted 85

    New bat company??

    Excellent! Im very interested in trying this thing out.
  12. z00ted 85

    New bat company??

    So Cal Demo Day coming soon?
  13. z00ted 85

    New bat company??

    Wow from knee replacement to running track. You're like a superhero or something. Hah, right on. Maybe we can coordinate to have you and the boys come out for a game or two like the good ole days.
  14. z00ted 85

    New bat company??

    Hahaha Steven dropping the knowledge/experience bomb. That dude has a lot of bat (and baseball/softball) knowledge. He just doesn't have much of a filter. Steven, when are you gonna be back in So Cal?
  15. z00ted 85

    Coolest Liz Skin color for 2015 USA AFTERMATH?

    Mine has the dynamite camo. I just "lucked" out that that was the next one in line.
  16. z00ted 85

    I cant stop watching this

    Beyond awesome. Good work Dad and tell the little one to keep on raking.
  17. z00ted 85

    2016 Easton Brett Helmer ASA BP

    Nice work man. This is the one i was hoping you'd review soon. How would you compare it to the BBL4?
  18. z00ted 85

    Any Runner safe at 2B, but out for taking her foot off the base. How is that scored?

    Please excuse me if i'm totally wrong here but... Wouldn't this be a fielders choice (Since the catcher went to 2nd instead of 1st) with a 2-4 put out and not a single.
  19. z00ted 85

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    Steven is no longer running the show at Anderson. Their current status has nothing to do with an engineer being the CEO.
  20. z00ted 85

    ASA Derby Boys

    So from i could gather the 15 is closest to the ODB. My question is how does the 16 compare?