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  1. tdthrash

    Z2000 or 454 Sick?

    the Legits are really good. thats about it.
  2. tdthrash

    Lizard Skins Bat Grip

    they feel good but i dont know if theyre worth $9 each!!! gammas feel just as good. i dk about durability tho. just got mine.
  3. tdthrash

    LTTF An ASA Easton.

    I would to trade for an ASA Easton. Must be returnable. No salvos please. I have the following as trade bait... --Worth JH mutant. Asa. Red&yellow. Around 300-400 hits. 27.5oz. Returnable. Has a rub mark from being inside my bag. Chipped end cap. --Worth Mayhem 98. 27oz. Returnable. OG...
  4. tdthrash

    For Sale Iphone 4/4s, iphone 5, S3, S4, & Note II cases!!!

    So what's the price for IPad mini life proof?? Black, white, or red.
  5. tdthrash

    LTB Looking for XXL Jerseys

    I have a few decent ones. Text me and I'll send ya pics. 4059336953
  6. tdthrash

    For Trade Easton L5 27oz for your 26.5 JH legit

    Plus cash? Bump
  7. tdthrash

    For Trade Easton L5 27oz for your 26.5 JH legit

    L5 has around 20 hits . Not for resale.
  8. tdthrash

    For Sale 4 pairs of pants. Elite, worth, RP9

    Limping into tuesday? Lol Bump!!
  9. tdthrash

    LTB Worth hats

    I. Have an al white one ill sell ya for $20 shipped. Just tried on
  10. tdthrash

    LTB Worth hats

    I dont like it. Doesnt feel like my other Pacific hats.
  11. tdthrash

    For Sale Big boy RPNs

    $20 each............
  12. tdthrash

    For Sale Big boy RPNs

    I have 2 pair of Rover Plus Nine pants. Both size 48. Excellent condition. $20 shipped.
  13. tdthrash

    LTB Worth hats

    Rob12. Be careful. I paid for my hat on 9-11 and just received it today... 10-5
  14. tdthrash

    LTB can anyone get shorts????

    can anyone get me some "used" shorts then??
  15. tdthrash

    LTB can anyone get shorts????

    lol. not allowed to sell anything good here anymore.
  16. tdthrash

    LTB can anyone get shorts????

    pm me if you can get mocrofiber shorts. need 3x. pp ready.
  17. tdthrash

    LTB Size 42 Pants

    I have a pair of 42 boombah. Steel base with black and white side braid. $25 shiped. Pm me if intereshed.
  18. tdthrash

    For Sale/Trade Worth Pants

    Price drop on the pants. Roller gone. Get these gone
  19. tdthrash

    For Sale/Trade Worth Pants

    Pants are 2X