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  1. spartanmikek

    Protein diet?

    Here's what works for me. Your first step should be to Figure out your daily caloric requirements to maintain your weight. You can do this on the internet and get pretty close to your correct number. Losing weight is all about burning or consuming less calories then your break even number...
  2. spartanmikek

    What is with the USSSA strike zone??

    Sorry guys but I agree with this guy (about having umpires argue the writting of the rule) and we had same problem I'm my league. They claim the rules aren't clear but I believe they are and I understand what all of u are saying. Heres the argument used in my league. The rules say...
  3. spartanmikek

    Illegal bats in ASA

    I also respectfully completely disagree. I play in a Scottsdale league where the LD (who is a great guy) bought a tester and the number of altered bats was HUGE. I absolutely love playing in this league now. Its hilarious, it went from teams hitting hr limits every night to now it almost never...
  4. spartanmikek

    Issues with Sports 55?

    I made the mistake and ignored all the things said like an idiot and now I'm paying for it. There is no worse company then them, I'm at week 14 of my order and they said it will be a minimum of 4 more weeks. I was going to go boombah but we needed multiple mock ups and boombah said they were...
  5. spartanmikek

    sports55 u suck again

    Like a moron I didn't read the hundreds if not thousands of posts here about sports55. So I'm posting this just to add to the daily growing number of complaints about their 12 month shipping times. I orderd jerseys and got the standard 4-6 week answer and now I'm in week 14 with no jersey. There...
  6. spartanmikek

    Pump Fake

    Like hebrew mentioned their are guys that do it extremely well and release the ball at all different times in their fake. To me it seems like this does have the most effect on guys who walk the box when they hit, it does throw their timing a bit imo.
  7. spartanmikek

    Pump Fake

    If you read closely what pine wrote he said "no where does it state to CALL it an illegal pitch (he obviously is referring to before it crosses the plate)". So he's not saying the pitch isnt illegal he's saying the umpire doesn't have to announce it illegal to the batter if I'm reading his quote...
  8. spartanmikek

    Compression testing in Scottsdale

    I play the Scottsdale league and its absolutely beautiful!!! He will randomly show up and test every bat in the dugout. He's way slick about it, he will watch from distance with binoculars to make sure guys aren't using a bat and then hidding it their bag. Then when the team takes the field he...
  9. spartanmikek

    Boombah jerseys good/bad??

    Hello sirs the last jerseys we went with were CA and to be honest the jerseys and customer service was phenomenal. We are now looking to get a new set of jerseys and a couple guys on the team really want to try boombah which I was initially all for but now after reading some horror stories here...
  10. spartanmikek

    Scottsdale, AZ NEED 4 TONIGHT

    Thanks my brother we miss u here in the Az hope u found a place in Tx to keep hitting HRs.
  11. spartanmikek

    For Trade looking to trade scx3 for rd28

    Hi sirs I have a 28oz scx3 I'm looking to trade for a 26oz or 27oz rd28. I will add cash where needed. 300-400 hits no issues with bat very little end cap wear.
  12. spartanmikek

    For Trade Seeing whats out there for my RD28 28oz

    28oz scx3 approx 300-400 hits returnable plus cash.
  13. spartanmikek

    dislocated shoulder..advice welcome

    Make sure you go see an orthopedic specialist don't waste your time and money seeing your primary first because he will likely waste your time and money with an xray and then tell u to go see a specialist. You need a MRI to see ligaments and tendons, the only thing an xray would tell u is if u...
  14. spartanmikek

    Scottsdale, AZ NEED 4 TONIGHT

    Sorry, 620pm
  15. spartanmikek

    Scottsdale, AZ NEED 4 TONIGHT

    Hey guys had half my team call out so I need 4 guys tonight. Its at horizon park in scottsdale which is off the 101 and frank lloyd wright. Its "C" league mens division and we just need 4 guys regardless of playing ability. Text me at (480)266-9074, I'm mike. Thanks guys. My bad, game time is 620pm
  16. spartanmikek

    For Sale Xl nike batting gloves blk/org

    To the top for another look
  17. spartanmikek

    For Sale New style U/A navy batting gloves xxl

    Hello sirs I have a pair of xxl navy under armour batting gloves I'm selling. They are basically new without tags, I wore them for one doubleheader only to bat with, didn't use in the field under my glove. There is a couple little spots on the inside of the finger and hand where there is some...
  18. spartanmikek

    GTG Mooks is gtg

    Did a trade with mooks and he is gtg. Delivery was very fast and communication was great, very easy to deal with no worries here.