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  1. Hiltz

    Make this make sense to me

    The theory is that some bats have very soft, flexible walls to give slower swing speeds maximum trampoline effect. But when a stronger player swings it fast, it overflexes and the walls don't rebound back fast enough. Not sure how much truth there is to this, but I have swung bats in the past...
  2. Hiltz

    New utrip rules, etc

    I've noticed the opposite around here; lots of guys wanting to move to the outfield and very few decent infielders left.
  3. Hiltz

    Strategy: Where & Why?

    I want a big Rick James ring with this engraved in it so I can imprint it in my outfielders' foreheads. Sidenote: if you get thrown out at 1b from CF, it's time to curl up and die.
  4. Hiltz

    New utrip rules, etc

    I read that it had to do with ASA2004 stamped bats still being used in fastpitch. When ASA changed the standard in 2013, they also switched to the .52/300 for slowpitch but kept the .44/375 for fastpitch. A new stamp ASA bat vs. a 5000 Synergy Extended is pretty even with .52's, but that...
  5. Hiltz

    New utrip rules, etc

    The best thing about singlewalls is they do not break in. Peel the wrapper and the bat is as good as it's ever going to be, none of this sneaky breaking down and failing bs. I love using my old metals in BP. Focusing on hitting that small sweetspot makes it feel like cheating when you go back...
  6. Hiltz

    USSSA Paint from bat transfers onto ball

    The difference in stamps means EVERYTHING and the age of the bat means nothing. If your league allows 220 bats then there are plenty of 10yo bats that could still be used. If buddy had hit a dribbler to your SS instead of a "15ft high screamer" over the fence, you wouldn't have questioned a...
  7. Hiltz

    USSSA Paint from bat transfers onto ball

    1) No, that's ridiculous. 2) How old a bat is has no bearing on whether it's approved or not. 3) Stop complaining. You can question a bat if you think it's not approved but not for marking up a ball. And if buddy was hitting 15' screamers out with an old Super Freak, you should be thankful he...
  8. Hiltz

    Good cleats

    I switched to NB molded cleats after a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis. Stepping on a little pebble felt like I was dying and NB cleats were the only ones with a solid plate that came in E width. Keep the conversations going before this place completely dies.
  9. Hiltz

    How does one measure the barrel of a softball bat for an official length?

    That started with Miken/Worth listing different barrel lengths to fool people into thinking they were actually two different companies.
  10. Hiltz

    Getting moved around in the batting order? Discuss

    "If you stopped doing the most productive thing you could possibly do, then you wouldn't be productive." Hmmmmmm.... Our local leagues all play double-headers, we do the same thing. Our #1 batter only gets one more AB than our last batter and everybody stays happy and doesn't complain about...
  11. Hiltz

    Getting moved around in the batting order? Discuss

    If someone is hitting .350 in slowpitch he's not on my team so I didn't take that into consideration. It's rare to find but there's a third scenario; a group of friends who has fun together but are also competitive and good at softball. If you ever find yourself on that team, hold onto it.
  12. Hiltz

    Getting moved around in the batting order? Discuss

    1. Speedy 2. Consistent 3. Power 4. Decent power + speed 5. Speedy 6. Consistent 7. Power 8. Decent power + speed 9. Hope for the best 10. Hopeless
  13. Hiltz

    Music and Weed.....

    I show up, play, then go home.
  14. Hiltz

    Akadema ?

    Buddy of mine has the same glove as you, I got a 6-finger trap the same time he got his. Both felt like Rawlings HOH when new. I barely touched mine but the leather is perfectly normal and my buddy's glove broke in beautifully. I'd try slathering the palm with conditioner, sounds like your...
  15. Hiltz

    USSSA Announces (Again) - No more 220s

    The biggest issue I have with this is the fact that manufacturers and retailers were the ones acting in bad faith, but players are the ones who are gonna bear the brunt of this change. Also, a barely passing 220 bat and a barely passing 240 bat might have about a 2-3mph difference in exit...
  16. Hiltz

    2022 USSSA KP23 (yellow/white)

    This is exactly why I was looking at it. Seems the new Worth/Mikens are more like old Eastons than an actually Easton these days.
  17. Hiltz

    2022 USSSA KP23 (yellow/white)

    I haven't swung it myself, but they're on sale for dirt cheap here in Canada and I've been researching them. Since nobody else on this softball site wants to talk about softball, here's what I found: It looks like Miken changed the makeup of the bat after their 2021 model (white/blue). The 2021...
  18. Hiltz

    After 100 games, my nokona edge X review.

    I kinda miss when Nokona was a blue-collar company that made brown gloves.
  19. Hiltz

    Is your own team chatter helpful?

    If someone on my team fouls one over the backstop, there's a whole lineup of a-holes yelling "Wrong fence!"
  20. Hiltz

    After 100 games, my nokona edge X review.

    Ugly as sin but I can see the appeal of having all the stitching external with none of it touching your hand. I'd just be worried about wearing through/breaking the stitching long before the leather ever gives out.