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  1. moorerm04

    2016 One

    I haven't swung the 16 year but I own both the 14 and 15 and in my opinion they are one of the most underrated sticks out there. They live in the shadows of the aftermath and juggy, because those two are so hot out of the wrapper. My 14 has like at least 800 and it's straight gas, my 15 has...
  2. moorerm04

    Why Easton is Dying...

    I have generally never been a big Easton fan, too stiff even broken in and scary hot I couldn't get the feel for them. That was until I hit my buddies 1000+ hit 14L1. Barrel felt a lot softer than any Easton of the past, loved way it swung, and this thing is serious gas! I just picked one up...
  3. moorerm04

    Asa league bats

    I'll second that the! I have a true one that kills 44's!
  4. moorerm04

    True One

    Jut now getting to updat this post. I put around 50 cuts on my 27 that is said to have roughly 100.(looked pretty new to me). Everyone says they swing light, but my 27 feels like a 27 oz FUDawg. It is very stiff, reminds me a lot of a NOW FU. It sounds pretty nice considering it needing 100 plus...
  5. moorerm04

    Webbing on Current Line Demars

    Fu dawg is covered in webbing, my CL22's never did even hitting ZN's. Picked up a true one last week with 100 swings on it, didn't have any webbing but I put about 50 on it since then and it's starting to show some traditional vertical webbing.
  6. moorerm04

    True One

    Ok awesome guys that's what I like to hear! I love my FU, and it's just unbelievable hot right now but it's webbed up and rattling and I don't know how much longer it's going to go because half the guys on my league teammates swing it. I was hoping that the ONE would get hot like FU after a few...
  7. moorerm04

    True One

    Just made a trade with a board bro for a duel stamped One. My Fu-Dawg is not long for this world and I'm keeping y fingers crossed that with some BP the One will open up as well as my FU has.
  8. moorerm04


    :banana::banana:Mines kinda hot:eek:
  9. moorerm04

    All association ONE ?

    Thank you sir!
  10. moorerm04

    All association ONE ?

    I currently swing a 28 oz Fu for my ASA gamer and it is a fire stick! Would I be happy with new ONE? Does it take some BP to open up? Will it get as hot as the FU? Do the barrels feel similar at contact? I hear the new ONE had some junk in the trunk? Just looking for a little info before I buy one.
  11. moorerm04

    FuDawg question

    I'm telling you hit some BP with some ZN's, Evil's it Bullet's and once that bat starts webbing watch out! Mine is by far the hottest new stamped ASA I have swung and they are tanks besides. I won't be surprised if mine last 2000 swings!
  12. moorerm04

    Hitting over 300 plus

    In league where I live we play on big ass fields for ASA 310' corners and 340' alley's. With Dudley thunder heats and new stamped ASA bats use all 4 of our HR's every game.
  13. moorerm04

    FuDawg question

    Break it in with .44's and keep it! My is freaking retarded with any ball!
  14. moorerm04

    Must be shaved...

    Used to get called out all the time with my ASA Z's! This hit missiles and sounded like dammit!
  15. moorerm04

    Need Some Advice

    Put yourself in your friends shoes... If you are good enough to be asked to okay up this year, you will be good enough to play up next year. Do the right thing man.
  16. moorerm04

    Durability of a CL22?

    Mine has 3-400 on it and looks new and is a straight Roman paint cracks or anything, but it is gamer for me just because I don't know if it will ever get the crack and I don't really want it to. I can't imagine this bat getting any hotter anyways!
  17. moorerm04

    Is it almost time?

    I dot think one line of webbing makes a bat gamer only.
  18. moorerm04

    Best utrip bat, don't care about durability

    My CL22 may be the very best bat I have ever swung!
  19. moorerm04

    least amount of swings on a fudawg?

    I have have 4-500 on mine mostly Stadium Balls and Evil BP Rockets..... covered in webbing and a straight rocket launcher! I think it will easily last 1000 swings even with those stones im hitting!
  20. moorerm04

    Tourny swing

    Nice swing.......