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  1. bignjboyincharg

    Pacific Headwear 404M Trucker Mesh Baseball Caps

    Im Looking for a Price on 35 Hats Pacific Headwear 404M Trucker Mesh Baseball Caps ( Navy/Red ) with ( A's ) Logo (White Oakland A's).. [email protected]
  2. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale 27oz-ST100 and 26oz-ST98

    Pm sent ..
  3. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale 27-monsta---27-ST100---26-ST98

    I'll take the ST98 PayPal ready .. Sent ya a PM
  4. bignjboyincharg

    Anderson Techzilla

    Which ones the best? They just changed our league to single wall.
  5. bignjboyincharg

    Usssa slugfest 2013

    USSSA Slugfest 2013 June 8th 2013 Mercer County Park Located in Hamilton NJ Entry Fee $225/$20 Umps Class E,D,C Class E teams Americom GORILLAS Bellew Lawn Pave Patrol/Jokers Class D teams Santino's Bistro Contact Bob 609-802-2525 [email protected]
  6. bignjboyincharg

    Logo feedback needed...please!

    Any good Font ideas? Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
  7. bignjboyincharg

    Logo feedback needed...please!

    Thanks for your input... Not looking for anyone to pump anything up. Was thinking maybe someone would have a good idea. You use to be able to come on SBF for help. The shirt has been changed few times and now were getting into extra revision fee's. Just looking for opinions from some board...
  8. bignjboyincharg

    Logo feedback needed...please!

    Need the board brothers feedback on this jersey. I personal think it needs more color and I'm not feeling the font Colors aren't set in stone either. Could really use some positive feedback! I'm sure there will be some funny comments as well but if it gets me to the one serious comment that...
  9. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale Bat Mallet

    PayPal sent... Thanks!
  10. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale 13" RHT roddy combat

    Paypal Sent...
  11. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale 13" RHT roddy combat

    I will take it... Email me your PayPal [email protected]
  12. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale Replica Oakleys Fuel Cell and Gascans.....

    Good guy to deal with here...
  13. bignjboyincharg

    2012 ASA Z-1000 "Demo Tour"

    Got the bat today...looking forward to swing it !
  14. bignjboyincharg

    LTB 27oz NR Cartel

    Need me with a price and paypal addy
  15. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale 2 AV's $320

    AV's are sold .... Audissey ..lmk
  16. bignjboyincharg

    All new 2012 Bamboom

    I tell you if this anything like the OG Bamboom... its going to be a winner... I had the honor of getting one of the OG Bamboom to Demo and it has OVER 1000 swings on it and hits just like day 1 ... the bat is swung my our whole team when we play in Wood bat tourneys ...we just played weekend...
  17. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale 2 AV's $320

    26oz Bal Anti Virus ( maybe 200 swings ) has small nick in it from fence dont effect the bat $175 26oz FL Anti Virus ( maybe 150 swings ) $180 Well sell both for $320 26oz Miken Freak Nasty ( maybe 100 swings) $175 28oz Miken Vicious (maybe 300 swings ) $120 28oz Bal Combat JK reload...
  18. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale Few bats for sale.....

  19. bignjboyincharg

    For Sale Few bats for sale.....

    back up front........