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  1. pirates33

    Monsta DNA

    Technically the Mutated has never been released. Like the majority of monsta bats the release date keeps getting pushed back
  2. pirates33

    Small fields???

    Learn to hit. D states are on those fields every third year and there are very few accidental homeruns. 2 of the 3 have 8ft fences so some of those hits may have been a little higher than line drives
  3. pirates33

    LTB EL Z1000 or Z2000

    looking for 27 or 28 oz mostly, possibly a 30 for the right price. USSSA stamp. Z2000 can either be the OG or the 2014
  4. pirates33

    Anarchy Awakening bat

    What is the difference between the no name and the ameri-can?
  5. pirates33

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    So possibly coming in 2018 is the new monsta gringo mandigo, wonder how they'll market a bat with that name that only comes in 24oz.
  6. pirates33

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    I watch the intro to all of his 2017 battle of the bat reviews and noticed something a little peculiar. Who each video was brought to you by. Here's a list: DC41- Cover my 6 Foundation Flipper USA- Headbanger Sports EST- Cover my 6 Foundation Freak Platinum- J&J Sports Flipper- RD Sports Pro...
  7. pirates33

    Pure sports review

    i thought it was a solid end piece? Do you mean the bat broke in two?
  8. pirates33

    Monsta Bat issues

    Probably hard to chant when your mouth is full of the dwarfs manhood
  9. pirates33

    Monsta Bat issues

    Claims his bats are too hot to make in anything heavier
  10. pirates33

    Monsta Bat issues

    Ellis is a rep too
  11. pirates33

    Monsta Bat issues

    Exactly, I see no issue with him saying the part about no warranty on a NR bat. That's fine. When he goes out of his way to accuse the customer and call them a liar, he's crossed the line. Just remember, if you buy a Monsta bat you're supporting Chinese manufacturing. Very un trump like
  12. pirates33

    MODS/anyone help

    This might be the best bet. Eventually he'll start searching you out.
  13. pirates33

    What is the deal with the Monsta Bats?

    Wonder how they figured out that they "appear" to fail ASAs testing standard.
  14. pirates33

    Looking for a price check on a few bats

    Best bet would be to post in the demarini section
  15. pirates33

    Dual Stamp Z4 or Super Z which is better?

    Whatever you're comfortable with.
  16. pirates33

    ASA bats for 44/375

    If you posted a thread in the LTB section for any of those out of production bats I'm sure you could get your hands on some. probably pretty cheap too. Lots of guys have those older bats lying around not getting much use
  17. pirates33

    Dual Stamp Z4 or Super Z which is better?

    SuperZ are stiff, Z4 not so much. Pick based on your preference
  18. pirates33

    ASA bats for 44/375

    Existing thread in the ASA section. Third thread from the top . Titled "Best bat for 44 core balls"
  19. pirates33

    Anarchy Awakening bat

    If you're really upset then please change your pic from their hat
  20. pirates33

    Favorite bat from each company??

    Exactly, still keep one around in case I ever get to hit the 44 375