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  1. cbohrman44

    LTB Z2000 Player models

    Looking to get an OG or R.I 26oz preferred…. must have the gray endcap.....
  2. cbohrman44

    Show us your HOH

    Finally broke down and spent some money on a good glove. Man this thing is beautiful
  3. cbohrman44

    LTB 2016 Helmer Flex

    Utrip 26oz the more hits the better!!!! I broke mine and I need another one! Its the Black and silver Flex
  4. cbohrman44

    Roster check?

    I've been playing ball for 20+ years now...first time I have ever been a part of this mess.....we were on our 4th game of the day, lost the first game and won the next 2. This team goes up 9 runs in the top of the 1st inning. we come up and put up 3. they come up and put up some more, anyways...
  5. cbohrman44

    For Sale/Trade Freak 30

    Received the F30 today. In better shape than expected! Thanks again
  6. cbohrman44

    For Sale/Trade Freak 30

    PM sent....I'll take this
  7. cbohrman44

    For Sale/Trade F30 and f12

    What’s left?
  8. cbohrman44

    LTB KP23

    Utrip. Sorry
  9. cbohrman44

    LTB KP23

    Looking for a cheap one from this year or last year....NR is fine......26-27oz is fine. 575-491-1121 for faster response.... Edit: has to be utrip
  10. cbohrman44

    For Sale Apple Products

    He just refunded me. Hopefully everyone else as well.
  11. cbohrman44

    For Sale Apple Products

    So here we are on Friday. Still no refund and still no tracking. I think we’re at NGTG and not BB
  12. cbohrman44

    For Sale Apple Products

    Ya. I’m calling my credit card company today. I’ve dealt with him in the past with no issues what so ever.
  13. cbohrman44

    For Sale Apple Products

    I don’t wanna jump the gun. But I paid for a watch 14 days ago. No watch as of yet and no tracking or text. I need a refund.
  14. cbohrman44

    For Sale 2018 Easton FireFlex 27 USSSA sold

    Still have this? Pm sent
  15. cbohrman44

    LTB OG z2000+ Pinky

    Must be a 26.5oz.
  16. cbohrman44

    26oz Helmer Blue line

    Wanna sell one. :)
  17. cbohrman44

    For Sale NIW 26 oz Miken Freak 30

    Since its a 7 month old thread. I'd say it's gone
  18. cbohrman44

    Story behind Jeff hall watermelon divorce?

    Clearly taking off the gloss makes the bat 10X hotter
  19. cbohrman44

    For Sale/Trade 27.5 Miken Mafia 100 hits

    I think Batwing has one.........
  20. cbohrman44

    Things that drive you crazy

    Outfielders that blow the pitcher up every AB and think they did something cool and talk ****.........