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  1. EAJuggalo

    Usssa worlds

    I'm going. I'll be umpiring the week of Men's C and Women's C and D. The past three years I've been on the field when a champion was decided, would love to make it a fourth.
  2. EAJuggalo

    USSSA Defensive/pitching alignment question

    There are no limitations on where you can play female players in Mixed in USSSA according to the national rulebook. If you wanted to play an all male infield and all female outfield it would be legal. It is a common local rule to require two female players in the infield and outfield, just...
  3. EAJuggalo

    Infinity Tech

    Speculation on Reddit is that it's a replaceable inner barrel. I have two questions: How much extra is he going to charge for this? And what is his definition of "life of the bat?" In a reply to that facebook post he says it will be guaranteed to pass compression for the life of the bat.
  4. EAJuggalo

    Ruling on Field

    That is correct for USA Softball and I believe NSA. For USSSA, the ball is live and get what you get.
  5. EAJuggalo

    No force out score

    No, that run would not count as the runner was called out. What Eddie was talking about is if you have two runners on, say first and third. The runner from third tags up and scores legally, but the runner at first leaves early. The appeal at first for leaving early is not a force out and the...
  6. EAJuggalo

    Dudley Thunder ZN hard core Pro M

    What class are you coming down for? I'll be down for C.
  7. EAJuggalo

    Is this right?

    My take is one foot must have been on the ground completely out of the box for the batter to have been deemed to not be in the batter's box anymore. The same standard we use when calling a batter out for making contact with the bat.
  8. EAJuggalo

    Dudley Thunder ZN hard core Pro M

    Some directors just have a major issue with ZNs and it's not even guys that should. I did IL state a couple weeks ago. USSSA Tournament, primarily GSL rules, any USSSA or GSL ball was allowed except for Vietnam GSL, ZN and Stadiums. Each team was given three balls at the start of the...
  9. EAJuggalo

    Fastpitch bunt

    When the ball hit the batter in fair territory it became a dead ball. Batter is out and all runners return to where they were at the time of the pitch.
  10. EAJuggalo

    USSSA A few odd ball plays this weekend

    PA is kind of a big state to not have a UIC assigned. MN does it and they only have 10-12 teams play at State. IL this weekend is a one day but will have an assigned UIC. I may end up the UIC for WI state in a couple weeks and rule by phone since I'm not going to be available to work. Who is...
  11. EAJuggalo

    USSSA A few odd ball plays this weekend

    What rule book are you taking that from? That looks like the USA Softball rule and not the USSSA rule with which this thread is tagged. The relevant USSSA rule is 2.7.4.Effect: If the base runner uses the colored portion at any time after the first attempt at first base and is not in contact...
  12. EAJuggalo

    Any Is a Don Joy rigid brace not allowed for slowpitch sanctions?

    As usual, Eddie nailed it. In USSSA, I have never been told that any medical or safety device can not be worn. The only limitation is that a pitcher can not have anything on their pitching hand. There are many women every year I see at Worlds that wear a knee brace over their softball pants...
  13. EAJuggalo

    USSSA A few odd ball plays this weekend

    1. Correct rule, wrong application. If the umpire knew the runner was not on the white bag the ball should not have been put into play. If the runner moved off the white bag onto the orange after the ball was put into play they would be out as soon as the ball is released. 2. With no one on...
  14. EAJuggalo

    USSSA 1B fielder catches ball in front of BR, ump calls obstruction?

    So the path did not alter until contact was made. If F3 had the ball in their control when the contact was made I would not have obstruction, this should be a non-call, going only on what has been posted here. As far as the umpire, all you can do it ask the question of the UIC. If a UIC gets...
  15. EAJuggalo

    Other Scoring line rule question

    You are going to have to go through exactly what your local rules say about the scoring line. WSL does not have a scoring line anywhere in their rules. USA, which is not above any other association, only has a second plate in it's rules. USSSA does have a scoring line in it's senior rulebook...
  16. EAJuggalo

    USSSA 1B fielder catches ball in front of BR, ump calls obstruction?

    If the umpire judged that the fielder coming into the base path caused the BR to slow down or alter their path then it is obstruction. Your scenario sounds to me like I would not have obstruction, and I call it more often than most umpires, but it could be. Sounds to me like an umpire that...
  17. EAJuggalo

    Dudley Thunder ZN hard core Pro M

    These were not the balls hit at the Chattahoochee Major. Those were regular E series ProMs. To my knowledge the only place these have been hit in Conference this year was Myrtle Beach and the Smoky. My understanding is that the plan is to use them on bigger fields only. Makes sense at lower...
  18. EAJuggalo

    2023 USSSA Rule Changes

    Had ET and EK batches this weekend and they were flying. Game time temp on Friday was 98 with a heat index of 109. Saturday was much cooler but the humidity was ridiculous. The TD was selling Hard Core for the undercard for $70/dz, I was told by the national office those were only supposed to...
  19. EAJuggalo


    You're right, I don't know when they stopped making the ZN with leather. I remember there being a lot of issues with endcaps skinning the leather right of the ball if you mis-hit it. All of the ProM and Stadium balls I have at home are all composite. No, because they aren't legal in any...
  20. EAJuggalo

    2023 USSSA Rule Changes

    Take a look at the batch code if you see issues with ZNs. D's were horrible, C's were bad, the B's were good and what they were supposed to be. The E's seem to be almost Stadium like in how hard they are. In the Chicago major it was a completely different sound when a D code got into the...