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    ASA How To Call an Illegal Pitch?

    In other rule sets, the umpire declares the pitch "illegal" (states it just loud enough for the batter to hear) and elevates the left arm to be parallel to the ground. If the batter attempts to hit the ball, the IP ruling is dropped. Otherwise, the pitch is ruled a ball on the batter.
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    This place used to be the bomb.

    What? !?! You think a Michelob light beer killed things? :)
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    Infield fly rule clarification

    Simply not true
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    Runner leaving Base

    I agree this may often be the case, but the OP isn't that specific. The swing is actually irrelevant unless contact is made in front of the plate
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    Interference during double play attempt

    I guess I wasted my time working 6 nationals (5 men's major level), the Hooter's Championships series and two ISF tournaments in Plant City. Not to mention more than a dozen state or regional schools and clinics as well as the national, regional and state clinics and tournaments in which I've...
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    Interference during double play attempt

    What part of interference is a judgment call don't you understand? If you're crazy enough to run straight at me, you might get ready to duck. I bet you'll get out of the way next time! And if it seems intentional, you may need a lawyer.
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    Any interference

    In all cases the interfering runner is called out and if the umpire judges the ball would have been caught, the BR is also ruled out
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    Any interference

    Assuming there was an act of INT regardless of the runner's location Dead ball on INT & runner (R3) ruled out. If the umpire believed the ball would have been caught with normal effort, and I am assuming this is the case, the BR is also ruled out.
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    Baserunner and time (ASA/USA)

    Disagree. It slows the progress of the game simply through the cat and mouse games. Should be as simple as SP. Plays obviously over, call time and move on.
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    Baserunner and time (ASA/USA)

    LBR is one of the biggest wastes of time and energy is softball
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    USSSA 2020 Rule Changes

    Just as sad. Do they remove the mounds?
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    USSSA 2020 Rule Changes

    IMO, that is a sad statement of their opinion of their officials
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    Baserunner and time (ASA/USA)

    If the umpire knows what they are doing, there shouldn't need to be a request that often. BTW, the "what if" thought shouldn't be part of the thought process.
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    strike or a ball??

    The explanation is absurd
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    Player assisted HR or Double call.

    No such condition set in the 2019 book, page 133
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    Using the pitching screen

    An advantage like actually being able to field your position and put them out?
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    Player assisted HR or Double call.

    Speaking USA, this is a two-base award (RS 26.c)
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    Interference during double play attempt

    You are asking about local rules. You should address the question to them. IMO, those are pretty stupid requirements
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    ASA USA Senior Softball

    Same as ASA/USA has been since it's inception