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    Uncle Si Buy-In

    My Jersey came today as well. No name on the back like I asked but the right number and size... I'm happy it just finally got here.
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    Uncle Si Buy-In

    I've emailed twice in the last week i've got nothing. Starting to just want my money back.
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    Uncle Si Buy-In

    He just e-mailed me back. Said they will ship on Monday.
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    For Sale Best Bat Stickers on the Planet! NEW!!

    You out of the Swing it break it buy it. Also is the 7 for 20 still going on?
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    Autism Jersey for Charity

    Are these still available? What's the turnaround time?
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    October 9th Danville,IL Cash Tournament!!

    Should be a good time, weather is looking good. Ready to play some softball. Lets have some fun