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  1. dimples23

    Price Check Red Knob Bubble Sticker white DC41

    I got a 26oz Red knob Bubble Sticker White DC41 with about 125-150 swings, returnable, and i can get receipt. Looking for a going price on it. Thanks
  2. dimples23

    Price Check 26oz freak 12

    i got a 26oz freak 12, ,maybe 300 hits, no barcode or receipt. was looking to see what i could get out of it. thanks
  3. dimples23

    GTG WMC24 is GTG!

    Paid fast, great communication. thanks buddy enjoy
  4. dimples23

    Price Check grey/pink 2014 JH legit 27.5oz

    looking for a price on a 200 swing grey/pink JH Legit, 27.5oz returnable no receipt
  5. dimples23

    Price Check Last years Pink JH LEGIT ussa

    looking to see what its worth 26.5oz , rec and barcode, maybe 50-75 hits
  6. dimples23

    Which bat would you keep and why

    26oz LBE or 26oz Torq EL , Both utrip, both under 200 swings. Just looking to keep 1 and sell the other.
  7. dimples23

    Bubba Mack 2pc bat??

  8. dimples23

    LTB 2014 Connell Mayhem (orange w/ new stamp)

    looking for the Orange RI connell mayhem in 26 or 27 lmk please
  9. dimples23

    LTB 44 cor 44 comp balls

    i got some evil elites MCT 44/400 i think i got about 20+/- NIW
  10. dimples23

    Price Check 27 kirby

    I would say $150-$170
  11. dimples23

    new cartel

    Anyone got a review on the new cartel bat?
  12. dimples23


    Might be getting a kirby with 250ish swings, many swings til they get smoking hot?
  13. dimples23

    LTB 2013 l1/b1

    i got a 26oz,returnable no rec, 200 hits shoot me an offer
  14. dimples23

    LTB yellow and gray legit 26 oz 2015

    really want a 26oz thanks tho
  15. dimples23

    LTB yellow and gray legit 26 oz 2015

    Looking for last years legit in 26 oz . Would like the yellow balanced or ressy endload. Pm me what you got thanks
  16. dimples23

    Price Check Green and Grey Fulk

    $110-$125 would be my guess.......
  17. dimples23

    LTB old stamp bats 27-28oz

    OG scx2, 26oz tho????, nastyyyyyy
  18. dimples23

    Price Check 2013 l1

    $115-130 .....................
  19. dimples23

    Price Check OG 26oz Easton SCX2

    Ok cool it's a first batch starts with 309.... What's first batch worth??:
  20. dimples23

    Price Check OG 26oz Easton SCX2

    how do you tell if its first batch, 2nd batch etc.???