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    Which model was the very first Demarini Doublewall Distance?

    This is the first one I saw available to the public. I got it from Softball Sales in ‘92/‘93. It’s the best bat I ever used but I believe got banned. It has a slight indent but in rather good shape. The Ultimate Weapon was garbage compared to the DDW.
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    Bad news

    From what I gather the bats passed initial testing but after play they didn’t maintain the compression all new bats are suppose to. I think some of the Suncoast are now clear for play. Most of the barrels are made in China so you don’t really know what you have until they arrive.
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    Strategy: Where & Why?

    The runner to second is pretty much going to third on a throw to first so I never throw behind the runner.
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    Electronic Indicator

    The scoreboard can show whatever but the ump should have the score and inning noted and verified with both scorekeepers.
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    Influencing the batter or umpire.

    The game was made for the players not the umps but the ump has to squash anything from getting out of hand. Going back years the team I was on was into the playoffs and one of our players just kept pushing it towards the ump and he didn’t make a scene or even get vocal but that ended our...
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    Influencing the batter or umpire.

    If a player or manager tries to get on an umpire then that isnt going to end well for them. If you’re trying to disrespect me then you won’t get calls and pitches in your favor. I learned a long time ago to don’t show disrespect to umps.
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    How does one measure the barrel of a softball bat for an official length?

    It should be from the end of the barrel to the beginning of the taper. If it doesn’t measure right then they’re just making specs. I’m going to measure my Anarchy bats because they say 12 but look and swing like 10’s.
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    Happy New Year - Are you playing this year?

    Done playing. My mind said one more year but my body said no you’re not.
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    Getting moved around in the batting order? Discuss

    I prefer higher in the order because it means more at-bats but in the end it really doesn’t matter because I’ll be productive. It’s just the head scratchers by a manager to put guys 1-3, with 3 being your best RBI guy, that aren’t productive other than being in the coaches ear or a Buddy.
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    Gel shots in the Knees

    I’ve had an injection in my neck for a nerve injury and it hasn’t bothered me. I have one knee bothering me now that I have to get looked at. Getting old is not fun.
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    Is your own team chatter helpful?

    I’m a team player but play the game my way. I don’t want any chatter from the team while I’m at-bat. You need to focus on putting that stuff out of your head.
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    Slow pitch co-rec perfect game

    My father pitched unlimited arc in the 70’s and I’m glad that wasn’t around when I started playing in the 80’s. I could see a no-hitter in unlimited but not in average 6-12 play.
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    Slow pitch co-rec perfect game

    Quite embarrassing for the other team since softball is a hitters game. I was part of a no hitter in modified ball in the early 90’s but that’s definitely more of a pitchers game.
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    ASA How To Call an Illegal Pitch?

    The arm movement could come across as not being illegal but the ball was flat or came across high for why it wasn’t called a strike. A verbal call let’s everyone know clearly.
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    The 240 bats seem pretty good but the consistency of the Pro M has been terrible. Even the seniors complained they were socks but considering they all come from overseas there’s really no oversight on them.
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    12” Clinchers.

    I know all brands of balls Have been extremely hard to get this year, does anyone know if any retailer has DeBeers Clinchers?
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    League Ump Fees

    Must be a high end league for an ump to get $60 a game. Usually $25-$30 a game. Umpire fees were always paid out of the league fees. I’ve played in money leagues where each player put in so much after a loss but never ponied up money after games for umps.
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    How to avoid back outs and quitters

    When I started ball in the late 80’s there was no internet and no such think as a mobile phone so there were less things to do. Modified had many leagues then but not many slow pitch but now there’s very few modified and more slow pitch leagues. I’m over 50 and senior leagues are really...
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    How to avoid back outs and quitters

    The team I had played on had a good core for about 5-6 years and then the last three years together guys could care less if the showed up or not. I think over those three years we won 2-3 games total And each game had to throw a team together the morning of the games. Clarified why I’ll never...
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    What is your favorite bat of all time?

    I bought it through Softball Sales. I sent it back once to the factory for a rattle, it was a BB. Don’t know the construction but they were part of it. It crushed 48’s and 50’s. The Ritch’s green monsters were good but not as hot as that DeMarini.