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    Dont suppose anyone has a 30 oz ri ultra maxload or an og ultra maxload they want to sell or trade?
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    LTB Looking for an og or ri ultra maxload, 30 oz

    New or used is fine as long as its in good shape and doesnt have a ton of hits on it. I realize this is a tough one to look for, but send me a pm if you have one you want to sell or trade. Im really specifically looking for one with a low shell weight and am thinking a 29 or 30 oz would be my...
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    What compression is the new ball they are using next yr for mens slowpitch?

    I'm not so sure about them not being able to produce a softer comp ball. Anyone who has ever hit the $2.75 wall mart 44/375's knows for sure its Actually if ASA wants a ball that no bat will hit really well then they should just mandate the use of only those
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    Failed Compression Test Question

    Personally I think its all bs.....might as well spray paint cars that go over 80 mph red as well...this whole bat testing stuff and blaming whoever has the bat for one failing is like blaming a 3 yr old who shoots someone with a handgun. Not saying we're all 3 yr olds, just saying that we buy...
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    Georgia Softball Talk

    Anyone needing a good outfielder and hitter in the NE Ga area please let me know. Stupid summer league I had been playing in could not even get up enough teams to play. Some guys say league ball has died out a lot in my area which is a shame. Too many 8 game leagues wanting too much money is my...
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    Bat doctors will soon become targets for bat manufacturers in 2013

    Lol, well I guess some guys are guilty of altering even that since those stupid **** enlargement pill commercials are on tv so much these days....Funny how nobody seems to want to ban those things Maybe ASA and the other associations should start measuring penis size and testing for...
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    its official ASA switching to 1.2 bpf.........

    Where did you get that memorandum at anyway? I cant find it or anything about that on the ASA website...
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    For Sale 2 - OG Ultras

    It's definitely not bs and I trust the guy who told me that....its totally ruined the market and those guys are ***holes for ruining classic hard to find bats anyway. That being said, ri maxloads are not the same as og's, which also comes from a source I trust. Check the manufacture dates on...
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    Bat doctors will soon become targets for bat manufacturers in 2013

    To an extent I understand the logic, but it gets lost after making a bat that's tamper proof.....precisely how is anyone going to really do that? Short of making the endcap out of composite material where there really is no endcap. Interestingly enough I have one of the very first easton...
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    Got a true Unicorn coming

    I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble here, but seriously, why would such a bat not have been outlawed by now, and if you have ever hit with an ultra you would be able to tell some kind of difference between it and other bats even when brand new. I just can't see those limited editions being...
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    The Pre 2006 Miken Ultra Buyers Guide

    Another thing to remember about the flat knob ultra maxloads that were sold around '03-'05 is that Miken used og u2's to make them. Many people pay more, but should understand what they are. They are not the same as an og u1 bubbleknob.
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    its official ASA switching to 1.2 bpf.........

    Haven't read the whole thread, but is there any thread over 3 pages long that joker has not gotten into a war with someone about something? Lol
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    For Sale: 28 oz. Ultra 2 with "2000 ASA stamps"

    That bat has how many hits on it did you say? Lol
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    Freak98 with no serial # ???

    That's a legit freak 98 for sure and a first batch, or very close to one. Miken usually starts first runs on bats in September or October, and the 10705 number is the manufacture date. I had a bat once that didn't have a serial number and called miken about it. Back then they said first batch...
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    For Trade NOW OG Ultra 1 28oz

    Nobody realizes this is a reissued ultra maxload hence the '05 serial number and flat sticker, miken endcap??? Og equals '02, recessed bubbleknob, etc...still a really nice bat, but the one on ebay for $1200 has been worked on an isn't an og either.....and certainly isn't worth $1200. Since this...
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    Not GTG mgarger19 -sent me painted bat-ripped me off

    Omfg! That is the absolute worst conversion I have ever seen! Looks like it has half an inch of paint on it, and you can even tell the taper was fixed. That bats been broken at some point. In those pics the taper isn't even straight on one side! Gotta say tho, like everyone else said, why on...
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    LTB Ultra II with Senior Stamp 27oz

    I'm sorry, but do you guys really think there is any real difference in how miken makes all the newer models of ultras? I mean, sure, everyone knows they added half an ounce to the endcap of the special edition grey and black ones, but I don't seriously think there's any structural difference in...
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    For Sale DeMarini White Steel OG

    Army, dont you have an og u2 listed on ebay as NIW thats obviously got a cpl hundred hits on it by looking at the pics? Shouldn't be copying ppls listings on there tho....most ad's get pulled off ebay for that...
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    price check Ultra 2 MSU2

    Actually those bats break pretty easy, so 200 hits is quite a bit for $140. Just saw where a guy sold an ultra se with 48 hits for $115.
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    4 Homers in 30 Seconds

    First thing that comes to mind, isn't that Mikey Rourke in that straw hat on that movie clip in the above post? Lol Second comment has to be that if I were 6'5" and still in top shape (younger) like the guy hitting that salvo I doubt it would much matter what bat I At 40 yrs old and...