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    Non roller bat bag

    I'm looking for a new bat bag .Back pack is getting a little tight. I'm not a fan of rollers tho. Any suggestions on a good non roller duffle bag style bag? Has to hold at least 6 bats too
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    Should I get a lighter bat?

    I've been playing for about 3 years and I've always been a placement hitter. I'm trying to figure out how to get some more power. Right now all my bats are 27 oz but I'm looking to get a new one. Would dropping down to a 26 possibly help with increasing my bat speed?
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    Comparable to the Patriot

    What of the 2018 lineup is the most comparable to the ASA Patriot? I'm thinking it's be either the dc41 or the 20th anniversary freak. Thanks in advance
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    Searching for hats online

    Looking for a new hat for the new season. Just getting one for myself. Where is the best website with a good selection of softball branded hats?
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    Roller bags

    I'm starting to run out of room in my special ops back pack so I'm thinking a roller is the next step. I like what I've seen with the special ops rollers but I can't bring myself to spend $200 on a bag. Any cheaper suggestions? I saw the boombah beast is only $90. Any one use this before? I'd...
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    Failed compression test

    My teammate had his Miken Patriot compression tested today and it failed. He bought it new about 6 months ago. Is a failed compression test something covered under warranty? Their website says it covers breakage or cracks. Not sure if that's considered breakage
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    Special ops backpack

    I have a special ops backpack that I like but when I hang it up on the fence it leans forward and dumps my equipment on the ground. I've seen aftermarket shelves available. Do they help it with this issue? Any other ideas how to fix this?
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    Hottest bats

    Unfortunately the league we're about to start in is a non competitive league (we were the only team to sign up for competitive) so most people in the league don't have high end bats
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    Hottest bats

    Only ASA
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    Hottest bats

    That's what I'm leaning towards
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    Hottest bats

    Yeah, I only play once a week so instant gratification is ideal. Any experience with anarchy? I've heard monsta bats are hot but the company cs is terrible.
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    Hottest bats

    Looking to get a new bat but don't really have any way of trying anything out without buying them. I'm more of a placement hitter but looking to add some pop. I have a z3000, z4 lucky and a one og. Got to swing my cousins Patriot today and it helped. Any help would be appreciated