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    GSL D Worlds West

    Anyone know when D Worlds West is this year? No worlds events are listed on GSL's events page and the only dates I could find through googling are worlds in Florida.
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    HR rule change for D in 2016

    After the 2 homeruns are used, is it going to be just an inning ending out or an offensive ejection also?
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    E Worlds West

    Thanks, that was a fun game. Going extra innings definitely helped with waking our bats up in the morning.
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    E Worlds West

    Thanks for the info and yes I do.
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    E Worlds West

    My team qualified for E West Worlds and since this will be my first time going I was wondering if anyone that went to E West Worlds last year remembers what time games started on Thursday? Thanks
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    Recommendation - Entire hand fits inside the glove

    Hi all, Looking for a recommendation for a new glove. I play middle infield and had a 12.5" Worth Liberty Advanced but it became too floppy. My favorite feature of the glove (don't know what this is called in glove terminology) is that my entire hand fit inside of the glove, the end of my...
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    I definitely understand that but I give credit when a fielder is forced to "make a play" so to speak. A ground ball, while seemingly very routine, creates a lot of trouble with all the steps a fielder has to go through to get the hitter out, and if the hitter is fast, it's even more trouble...
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    I usually do 95/5, leaning towards hits. Errors will eventually even themselves out between players so they should be counted as a hit for the most part. I don't give credit for a hit if you hit a sky high routine fly ball and the outfielder misjudges it. If you smoke one at an infielder and he...
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    Z2K USSSA Grip

    I'm looking for the white grip from the Z2K utrip (not sure if it's the same on the ASA model?) if anyone has some laying around? Let me know
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    Nor Cal read up

    Kyle, are you guys allowed to play Silver in NSA without spotting? I don't see how Gold is going to work with BG letting non-appeal/C teams play in Silver..
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    NorCal Roll Call #2

    Thoughts on All world tourneys? Never played in one before and my team is looking into it this year, love how their worlds are early Dec and in Vegas. Anybody have any good/bad experiences with All world?
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    NSA home run rules 2013

    Oh, also, Goodwood was a C team last year and they played in the same Silver tournament. Makes sense for arguably the best D team last season and a C team to be in a division meant for "High E / Low D" teams right?
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    NSA home run rules 2013

    Same name, Powerzone. Just played in a Silver tournament this past Saturday with zero run spotting
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    NSA home run rules 2013

    California did a great job placing a lot of E teams in Silver, which is supposed to be "High E, Low D" However, they didn't take the better D teams and move them up to Gold. For example, somehow the D team that won California D States, won D Western Worlds, and placed top 5 in Super Worlds did...
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    Looking to buy a sb4mxa.

    HPS means?
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    Z3000 pre order from sbf

    Heard back from LS customer service today, in case anyone else has been trying to figure out whether the ASA Z3 will be ASA only or not
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    Bold prediction

    Which bats are they wanting to buy after one BP session? Unfortunately the only new ASA bat I've been exposed to thus far is the flipper
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    With all of the year round, warm weather, softball players out there.......

    The majority of cities on the peninsula run only ASA leagues, San Jose I think is the only one that has Utrip. It's interesting there aren't more ASA tournaments run around here besides the occasional in the east bay
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    Z3000 pre order from sbf

    When I PM'd Coach about the preorder he said they only use the images provided to them by the company and he will ask to confirm, no idea on when he'll find out though.
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    Z3000 pre order from sbf

    You can clearly see the USSSA stamp in the image of Z3k ASA in the SBF store. Makes it more confusing