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  1. The Mad Hatter

    For Sale/Trade 34 / 27 Demarini Flipper ASA for trade or sale

    I've got a 34/27 Black and Green Demarini Flipper ASA. Got the bat a year ago for ASA Worlds in OKC and really haven't swung it since. Beat has been in my bat bag and cosmetically isn't shiny, but in reality I probably only have 150 swings MAX on it (and probably only 30 since it was compression...
  2. The Mad Hatter

    Piriformis muscle????

    I have piriformis problems. Went to the doctor to get an MRI on the area, and they found degenerative conditions in the lower back that was fouling up the nerves in my back. Doc told me the pain in the piriformis was actual problems with my back and the nerves that connect it to the piriformis...
  3. The Mad Hatter

    What you taking for pain after Tournaments?

    Ibuprofen or Naproxen. If I played a lot of games I'll soak the crap out of my legs in a cold water / ice water tub with Epsom salt - really helps the legs recover. Do that for 15 minutes 1-2 times (or more if I can). Stretch lots before I go to bed, drink plenty of G2 or other electrolyte...
  4. The Mad Hatter

    For Trade ds plauge 27oz

    I've got a 26.5 Jeff Hall Mutant (blue and yellow) in great shape with a nice rattle and almost broken in. Bat is clean. I'd want a little bit of extra cash out of the deal but if it's something you're interested in PM me....
  5. The Mad Hatter

    How good is Insanity?

    Insanity was a great alternative for me to traditional cardio. one of the best things about it was the ability to work muscle groups similar to ones you would use on the diamond. As a pitcher after doing the workout I found my legs to be much stronger and it gave me to ability to pitch 5 or 6...
  6. The Mad Hatter

    For Sale/Trade 2 27oz FL jmac plagues...

    Interested in a trade? I've got the opposite problem - don't play any ASA out in California. I've got a 27oz Worth Mayhem 98 (gray model). Very popular ASA bat. maybe 2 for 1 trade?
  7. The Mad Hatter

    For Sale Spike Baker 27bal NR

    PM sent. $85 sounds good.
  8. The Mad Hatter

    Anyone make a net to hit into?

    Bought some heavy duty fish net on ebay for $15 about 4 years ago, screwed in a couple of heavy hooks from Home Depot out of my garage ceiling and had my indoor hitting screen up and running. Worked great!
  9. The Mad Hatter

    fitted hat question

    Sorry - don't know why it truncated the website. Just go to ebay and type in "hat stretcher" - you'll see what I mean. There's a Fat Charley's Hat Stretcher that would do the trick along with loads of other options...
  10. The Mad Hatter

    fitted hat question

    I found a guy on ebay that makes a hat stretcher. Pretty ingenius - two pieces of curved wood and a long bolt that you can adjust. Place in the hat and adjust the bolt until the hat is stretched. Keep in place for a day or two. Works well and pretty inexpensive...
  11. The Mad Hatter

    P90X vs. Insanity

    Both are good programs. If you're looking to lose weight fast I'd recommend the Insanity. The best part about it - no equipment (required for P90X). You just need about 45 minutes or so (a bit more for the 2nd month) 6 days a week, a TV and DVD player (or computer), and some room on the floor...
  12. The Mad Hatter

    Interested in your m798. Can you send pics?

    Interested in your m798. Can you send pics?
  13. The Mad Hatter

    Best Glove for Extremely Large Hands?

    I'm also a big guy at 6'8" and left handed and have problems with fielding gloves that fit. Two recent gloves I've found that work pretty well are the Worth Mayhem and Mizuno MVP (per Maverick's post - great one BTW). The Mizuno had an especially big hand well, and both protected the palm of my...
  14. The Mad Hatter


    Beers at Manteca are $5 for a big single (about 20oz) or a pitcher for $10 for domestic - more for imports. A pitcher will serve 5 12oz glasses. Not cheap but definitely not a bad deal - especially compared to how much you would pay at a regular bar or any sports park.
  15. The Mad Hatter


    Manteca is $3 per day to get in (I play there every week). Yeah it adds up over the course of a year but it's worth it to play on great fields all year round. Our league also plays 3 HR + equalizer, so plenty of HR's to be hit on any given day. League allows utrip bats and NSA style pitching...
  16. The Mad Hatter

    ? for other Pitchers

    Been wearing the same Nike shin guards for the past 5-6 years. They won't completely protect you, but they'll make a difference between a bruise and a hematoma! I've got so used to them I even wear them when I play first base. Also wear a cup every time I step out on the field. As for the mask...
  17. The Mad Hatter

    You have a choice but can only pick one attribute

    Depends. Most of the time take the one that takes a long time to break in. Because you'll get to be a better player with all the BP you have to take and the bat will more than likely last a lot longer. The only exception is if you break your gamer shortly before worlds and you don't have time to...
  18. The Mad Hatter

    Inside out swing....need help

    Put a cone behind your back foot. You don't want use a bat necessarily, since you may step on it and possibly injure yourself. Also take BP without making any stride. keep your feet just beyond shoulder width. Don't worry about distance or power - just work on making consistent contact.
  19. The Mad Hatter

    Which is the better hitting net????

    I had the Easton net and used it for softball BP. It lasted all of about 2 BP sessions before the flaps that support it ripped at the seam. I resewed it back on but it would never stand up the same again. It also seemed to tip in anything more than a 5mph wind. I'd recommend against it and go...
  20. The Mad Hatter

    For the pitchers..

    There isn't that much you can do to prepare you for some of the hot middle shots. Getting out of the way sometimes is your only real good defense. I'd recommend regular grounders to help improve your fielding and positioning skills. They don't have to be lasers - just some normal ground balls to...