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  1. smeinders

    Knee Cap

    I had the same issue a while back. Went to the Dr. and he said it was stage 3 patellar tendonitus. Been about 5 months of no basketball and it is finally starting to heal up. Dr said it could take up to a year to be back to 100%. What kind of rehab are you doing for yours?
  2. smeinders

    LTB OG Rip It Reap 1

    Looking for one of the original Reap1. 27oz would be preferred, but could go with a 26oz. Please let me know if there are any of these out there. Thanks in advance.
  3. smeinders


    The spark is pretty amazing! I mix mine with one scoup of fruit punch spark and one scoup of pinneaple rehydrate. Amazing!
  4. smeinders

    ASA Worth Legit 454

    This one is said to have around 150 hits or so. It is too cold here right now to BP so I am gonna have to wait til spring to hit this thing. Looks sweet though!
  5. smeinders

    ASA Worth Legit 454

    Just picked one of these up for a good deal. I haven't ever hit with one, so how are they?
  6. smeinders

    For Trade Rip-it Reaper 2 ~~~~~~ Easton ST98

    I have a nice 27oz SCN5 for the Reaper.
  7. smeinders

    GTG Franti is GTG!!!

    Franti is Very GTG! Fast payment, good communication! Thanks Bro!
  8. smeinders

    LTTF Looking for a Reap2 27oz

    Looking to possibly trade an Easton SCN3 27oz for a 27oz Reap2. PM me with any info. Thanks
  9. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    I had to give up my first born for those socks!
  10. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    A friend of mine has had these bats since they were new. He played some fall ball with us for a few years. He had let another guy use them, and I have been razzing the owner of the bats to sell me the SCN5, but he never would sell it to me. He quit playing with us, and moved a few hours away...
  11. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    Looking for a 27oz Reap2 :)
  12. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    Thanks bro! I prob won't ever swing the Flex or the Stealth. Been fond of my OG AV that I got a while back. But this was a deal I couldn't pass up. Want to get a Reap2 someday, had one and traded it away a while back and regret I did.
  13. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    I don't know about Charity, but getting a good deal and paying it forward isn't a bad deal.
  14. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    Thanks all! I thought it was a good deal. What is your decent price?
  15. smeinders

    Scored some bats

    Scored some bats and a bag yesterday for $200. Got a SCN3 27 oz, a SCN5 27oz, and a Mizuno Techfire Rage 28oz. Also threw in a Easton Roller Bag.
  16. smeinders

    AdvoCare Pro 20 New Product

    Pro 20 is a well-rounded, superior liquid protein and amino acid supplement.* And, it's not just any protein. The 3 oz. bottle is packed with 20 grams of soluble hydrolyzed protein, which the body can absorb quickly, to support lean muscle mass.* Unlike many protein supplements, Pro 20...
  17. smeinders


    It's all good. No worries on my end. In the future it won't happen again. I will just start a new thread if needed. No hard feelings Primo?
  18. smeinders


    Wow bro! No need to get mad about it. I guess I took what you said about "you don't sell the products" wrong. Didn't mean to step on your toes, my appologies.
  19. smeinders

    Official 2012 Result of Your Last AB

    Fly ball to LF! Went 4 for 5 on the night. Two doubles, a tripple, and a single. 23 for 25 on the year.
  20. smeinders

    sore knees

    This is what I use and it has made a huge difference in my joints. I climb wind turbines that are 300 ft tall on a ladder and it has taken its toll on my knees for the past 11 years. Let me know if you have any questions...