For Sale 26oz & 27oz Fire Flex's


Laser show, RELAX.
Hey guys.. Thinning the herd a little and selling off some extra bats as the season winds down here. These are all returnable and come with receipts & barcodes. Love the Gold's but I've been swinging my Helmer X's exclusively.

26oz Fire Flex Gold 5 hits (rec+bar) SOLD
27oz Fire Flex Gold 150 hits (rec+bar) $220
27oz Fire Flex Gold 50 hits (rec+bar) TRADED
27oz Fire Flex Octane 50 hits (rec+bar) $225

[GALLERY=media, 31201]38813787_10156366774646166_1060737668050059264_o by rkjunior posted Aug 9, 2018 at 9:27 AM[/GALLERY]
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Laser show, RELAX.
I love it. They're all so similiar it comes down to swing feel and I like the endload on the 26. If the Helmer X is a 26, I might be interested trading one of the bats I have for it. Have 12 of them up across the forums.


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Yeah it's a 26oz and i been swinging that Bubba Club and liking it alot. I think I just gotta give some more cuts on the Helmer before I get liking it. Matched it with the Breaking Gold Vulcan grip looks awesome


How do you like that Octane? I know it's balanced, but I've heard bats listed as balanced were slightly endloaded and vice-versa.


If you change your mind on trading, I have a 26 Autism or a 27 Cartoon id be willing to trade for the Gold. Both all ppwk. Autism is N.O.W , Cartoon has maybe 100 hits on it. Thanks