LTB 26oz, Utrip, new stamp, balanced...what you got?


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Just like the title says, looking to buy a 26oz, USSSA new stamp, balanced...$150 on the table. Throw something at me. Prefer Ret/Rec, but I do understand that some better quality bats at that kind of price may possibly be NR. That's fine too...let's see what you got.

NOT INTERESTED IN LIST (sorry, adding bats to this list because I forget I had them at one point and got rid of them)
2016 DeMarini Aftermath
2016 Miken Freak 30

Easton ST100 or ST98
Miken Freak Black
Maybe others, just don't know what will appease my appetite.
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27 oz Miken Revex NIW Bat is hot out of the wrapper and only gets hotter.. its balanced... Text me for pics and easier communication.. 509-435-1041 I know I can get under the $150 budget

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I have an Easton reckoning 25.5oz (weighs 26.1 on scale) usssa, returnable with receipt approx. 50 swings.


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26oz Miken Triad3 for the fallen. Lizard skin grip. Very good condition $100 shipped