For Sale/Trade 27oz Anderson FlexZilla


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FlexZilla is TRADED

All prices listed below are as family/friends (gift) through PayPal.

27oz FlexZilla - TRADED - I was told this was an NR, but it is not marked anywhere on the bat. I don't have a receipt for it. The paint has 3 small chips in one spot by the endcap (all 1mm x 3mm, at the largest). No endcap wear or separation, cracks, rattles, webbing, or dents. I do not feel any waves either. Has all the new stamps and all stamps are 100%. Has <50 swings, all BP. I am the OG owner of this bat. Would really like to get a 27oz OG NanoTek SPA or a 27oz NanoTek Alpha, +/- cash, depending on condition.

As far as trades, I am looking to trade for the bats listed below, and we can work multiple bat deals and add cash either way. I am also looking to buy the following bats if you have them but want to sell instead of trade.

27oz Aftermath
27oz J3A
27oz OG NanoTek SPA
27oz Nanotek SP Alpha
26/27oz Combat OG B1 1st batch (with composite or rubber endcap)
26oz Easton 1st batch SCX2 (can be a 2nd batch if it's a "1st batch in 2nd batch clothing")
26/27oz OG Ultra (with ASA stamps or that had the ASA stamps removed by Miken)
27oz OG Ultra II (with ASA stamps)
26/27oz Easton SCN2 (OG or RI)
26oz 26/27 SCN4
27oz ASA Blackout
27oz Combat Dirty 120
27oz Combat Dirty HPS
27oz OG Miken MV-1 balanced (without the new USSSA stamp)
27oz RI Z2K USSSA balanced
27oz RI Z2K ASA balanced

If you think my prices are off, please send a PM instead of bashing me in my thread.

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