Akadema ?


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I bought an akadema arz 136 precision kip,v and the leather feels really weird. It's super stuff, which I wanted in places, but the palm is breaking in very weird. It doesn't move like any leather I'm used to, it's more like cardboard.

If you've ever tried to fold cardboard in a straight line you'll know exactly what I mean.

Do I just need to condition the leather to get it to break where I want, or is this just a function of this leather? I don't want to give up on it, but this is my first expensive glove since my nokona and it's giving me fits.


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Buddy of mine has the same glove as you, I got a 6-finger trap the same time he got his. Both felt like Rawlings HOH when new. I barely touched mine but the leather is perfectly normal and my buddy's glove broke in beautifully.

I'd try slathering the palm with conditioner, sounds like your glove might've been in a warehouse too long and dried out.


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I assumed it was something like that. I'm no glove expert, but it doesn't feel like any leather I've ever had before. Thanks.

They're always 50% off, so I figured they sit around a bit.


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They're good gloves. I played with the AMR 34(saw Bryce Harper with it his rookie year and it was on sale for 150, so i said what the hell). Broke in nice, pocket was plenty deep for a softball. Id say the only knock is they pancake much faster than the A2000 or a 30. Glove lasted about 3 years playing year round till i had to move on. Stick with it.