Anarchy 28 oz Bats Review, T Work Challenge


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Point System with HR over 3pts, hitting fence 2pts and 1 hoppers to fence 1pt

Will unload the two lowest performers after.

Took 7 swings today with a stiff wind blowing in. 42 degress. Field was @ 315 bottom of fence. 30 cuts will be used as the gauge for final totals. Some fields will be 300'.
Screenshot_20211226-083405_Maps Ruler.jpg
Firestick 2pt
22Aday 2pt
Nitrous RC 2pt
Diabolical 2pt
Ares 1pt

Due to the wind many died short in distance today. May do one extra round after 30 hits where the top points in that round may replace one lower score.


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15 Swings in. Slightly off with my swing but a leader emerging out of the pack. The Ares for some reason just not with the rest of the pack. Will see how it goes with 15 more to go.

22Aday 14 pts
Firestick 9 pts
Nitrous SC 8 pts
Diabolical 8 pts
Ares 4 pts