ASA Blueline.....


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Anyone swing this? I don't play a lot of ASA but needed something after finally breaking my last flipper. Put about 30 cuts of .44's on this thing and now it's absolutely smashing the .52s. Sounds like garbage, like a Z, but man it crushes the ball. Love that it swings just like my Helmer X as well.


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Yep. It’s a solid ASA bat.

The barrel impact sound is a topic of controversy to some: I’ve heard it compared to a broken bat sound or a shotgun.

When you nail it right in the sweet spot, it’s the best sound in the world.


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I have the helmer Border Battle which is just a repaint of the blue line, and it feels awesome. I love the sound of it, and while the Ghost sounds like it's broken, the BB sounds much more crisp.


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Haven't heard many people testing this out but I bought one and it mashes 52's. Been too afraid to hit 44s after reading that the bat can't handle it.


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Gonna swing it in a tourney tomorrow with 44’s, if it breaks, i have a return...


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It held up hitting a few 44’s, but didn’t feel as good hitting 52’s. Not sure what the difference was. I played in a 2 day tourney and my first game brought the Blueline up to the plate. It felt like the ball compressed into the bat so much that all the force from impact just died, and it did the same exact thing for my Harvey. I ended up swinging my ol’ 13’ L4 and it felt noticeably better and balls were coming off hotter...

Funny thing is that we played that afternoon and the next day, and the Harvey did fine. I ended up swinging the Harvey for most of the tournament, the blueline just felt kinda weird with 44’s and it didn’t to be hitting them well...but it kills 52’s...can’t pinpoint if it was the weather/ball combo, or one or the could’ve just been my inconsistent swing...just thought i’d share my experience...