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runner on 1st.. batter hits a line drive to SS .. runner on 1st is 10' off the bag and heading back to 1st.. SS overthrows 1B and ball goes out of play.. I know the runner gets 2 bases.. what I'm not sure of is if going back to tag up counts as 1 base or is he awarded 3rd base after tagging up thx


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ASA it's two bases forward from the last base legally acquired, so 3B in this scenario. In USSSA the first base of the two base award would be going back to 1B so the award would be 2B.


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EAJuggalo is correct. In ASA/USA, it's two bases forward based on current position and regardless of direction of travel. The runner is still required to retouch any base left early before proceeding to awarded bases or risk being put out on appeal. So, in this scenario, the runner would be awarded 3rd base and as the umpire I'd take note of if he retouched or not and be ready to rule on any appeal. As a player, I'd do the same thing, wait until the runner reached third, then appeal that they left 1st early.

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when the ball is thrown out of play it becomes a dead ball, 1) can the runner go back and tag up while the ball is dead?? 2) does he have to wait for the umpire to award bases and then go back and tag up? what is the complete process??


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Runner just has to complete his base running assignments. As an umpire, I'll be saying, "Runner is awarded third base" and not adding "once he tags up because he left first early". It's incumbent on the runner to know their job and it's incumbent on the defense to know their job.

But yes, on a dead ball award, all bases must be run legally and all bases must be touched (exception being over the fence home runs in adult slow pitch USA where the ball is dead, all runners are awarded home and no appeals are granted based on a runner missing a base). USA Rule 8.3. B, H, and I specifically talk about awarded bases.

Also 8.5.G specifically talks about this situation with an overthrown ball and a runner completing their base running responsibilities.