Baden Axe Avenge

it's not a gimmick but it is a preference. I personally love the handle and find the hitting surface very responsive, a few of my teammates can'r quite get a feel for the handle.

I have 3 in my bat collection. I don't game any of them but from time to time I bust out the blackout limited addition. (see pic)

There are a few other threads dedicated to this topic so if you search here on the forum you mind find some more insight.

I always say - if the concept and technology is good enough for Mookie Betts, George Springer, David Peralta, etc it's no gimmick.


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Is this just a gimmick bat or does this have the potential to be as good as mainline usssa mikens and worths

Comfortable to swing and very good for a dual stamp but I sent mine back before the 30 days were up because it wasn’t quite on par with my Miken and worths utrips


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Update: the one i got was the new gold and black 2019 usssa and was very impressed......kinda strange feel but overall very glad with purchase
Endloaded or balanced? I love the way the bat feels, but it swings sooooooo light. I'm really thinking about getting the 28 EL, but $300 is a little too steep, at this time.