Bats for Clinchers


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Does anyone have a suggestion on what bat hits these ball the best?

I heard the freak dc41 was a good bat, but sure if composite or aluminum is better


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Any of the Easton ghost platform! Easy to find a not to expensiv! If you can’t find any DM me I can help.


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There's probably no bat restrictions in this league, correct? Usually Clincher leagues don't care what bat you swing. I'm still swinging my 29oz Ultra II and SB34. Almost every team has shaved bats, unfortunately.
Any of the Double-barrel Eastons are great. Any of the XEST Worth Aluminums on the banned ASA list, too. If you have any OG composites, they're good too. Like a 2k Hit Utrip Catalyst or the Eastons from 2013 or so.


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