For Sale Bigger! Badder! Easton Killer bees!


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Hmmm....... Going to be moving a few from the arsenal to help raise some funds for the toy! All bats are in very good shape! No cracks, rattles, or end cap issues. All are returnable, but no receipt. Prices include Priority mail shipping, DC, and insurance. I have excellent feedback, so no worries here. Thanks in advance!

32/22 scn1b (not for sale)
32/22 scx24b (nice shape) $100 *SOLD!!!
32/22 scx24b (nice shape) $100
32/22 srv4b (150 swings) $110 *SOLD!!!
32/22 scn6b (No wobble) $135 *SOLD!!!
32/23 scn5b (not for sale) $180 *SOLD!!!
32/23 scn7b (slight wobble) $160 *SOLD!!!
33/23 scn1b (not for sale)
33/23 scx24b (very nice) $110 *SOLD!!!
33/24 srv5b (150 swings) $120 *SOLD!!!
33/23 scn6b (Excellent no wobble) $170 *SOLD!!!
33/24 scn7b (Sweet, no wobble) $170 *GONE!!!

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I'm proud to say that I'm glad I have helped fund that toy with past sales. Don't see those everyday. That's awesome....65?


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Man, I have been trying to sell my SCX24B 33-23 with 2000 stamps for a year. Good luck with the sale.

Cave. The 2B is very similar to 1B. It seemed to take a bit longer to break in for some reason. Very good bat for sure.


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My daughter stil swings her 33 23 1B five years after High School in slowpitch leagues. Bat is amazingly hot and durable.